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Granite Sound Masterstation and belt pack hire
£60 / day
£180 / week

Granite Sound GS-CMS2 Master Station (and Belt Packs)


Renowned in the industry for its ease of use, superior performance and useful features, the Granite Sound Masterstation is considered by many to be the definitive master station; it is a popular choice for sound engineers worldwide.

Here’s a rundown of the GS-CMS2’s features:

  • Powers either single or duel channel intercom systems for communication with one or both channels
  • Permits the use of up to 16 outstations
  • Power and audio supplied via six tree pin male XLR connectors, with three connectors per channel
  • Plus much more – check out the specifications tab above.

This hire package also includes:

  • 4 Beyerdynamic DT108 Headsets
  • 4 Granite Sound’s Single Channel Beltpacks (GS-CBP1).
  • The Granite Sound Beltpacks are straightforward, universally compatible, and built for general purpose. They’re durable, robust and hardwearing. The beltpack has a number of standout features, including:
  • Three position microphone switch
  • Momentary action PTT function
  • One 3 pin female XLR and one 3 pin make XLR connector on the bottom of the unit

Product Specification


  • Two Channel Communication, Options A, B and combination A+B
  • Channel A and B remain fully independent
  • Suitable for use with between 1 – 8 outstations per channel
  • Headset and Microphone XLR sockets easily accessed
  • Chunky, straightforward controls
  • Effective feedback cancellation
  • Practical Design
  • Straightforward Use


  • Straightforward, Chunky Features
  • Single Channel Operation
  • Cost Effective and Universally Compatible
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Hardwearing

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