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Virtual Events FAQs

1) Is live streaming my event cost effective?

Absolutely! Our live streaming packages are an affordable way to keep business events running smoothly on a virtual platform, whilst also saving your business money. Webcasting is a cost-effective format which forgoes the costly extras such as venue hire, catering and insurance. Visit our virtual events page to find out more about our live streaming solutions.

2) Can I stream my webcasts over social media?

Yes, at Stage Connections we can offer a variety of high quality webcasting packages to connect your webcasts to your social media platforms. We will help you deliver high quality content to your social media networks, whether that’s on Facebook, Youtube or a different platform or maybe even to multiple social networks at the same! This is a capability that will really help you stand out from your competitors and make your event memorable to your audience on social media.

3) Can I add branding to my virtual live streaming event?

When you opt for one of our live streaming packages, we’ll provide you with a ‘white label platform’. This means that we are able to completely tailor your event with your unique branding. From the virtual ‘speaker ready room’ to the live stream output. We’ll even brand the virtual platform that your guests log in to from the virtual reception and lobby, the ‘main stage’ and the breakout rooms, we’ll make sure that your custom branding is throughout all aspects of the event!

4) How can you ensure my virtual conference will run smoothly?

Our team of specialists are experienced with all aspects involved with virtual conferencing and events. From our high end streaming equipment and secure internet lines to our professional streaming technicians and virtual event managers we’ll have all eventualities covered for you. We are also able to run your virtual event from our purpose built in house studio or bring our studio to you. We also have the capabilities to have presenters dial in from a remote location directly into our streaming platform, with speaker tests and rehearsals a staple before each event, so you can rest assured that everything will work on the day.

5) Do you have green screen equipment available for hire?

We certainly do! Transform your event with our innovative green screen solutions. Whether you want a custom designed Virtual Studio or an animated beach background, to give the feel of presenting from the tropical location we’re all wishing we could be at that this year, the sky’s the limit. Find out more about green screens and our green screen hire here.

6) I need to film in multiple locations. What services and equipment do you have that will help me achieve my goal?

If you have presenters located in different parts of the country (or world!) then we have a variety of options available for you. We can send our team to those locations to film and set up multiple studios both nationwide and beyond! We are also able to have presenters dial in directly to our streaming software or via a video calling software of your choice, such as Zoom or Skype. We can always provide a mixture of both solutions! Get in touch to find out which option would work best for you.

7) What can I expect from your video production team?

Our team of professionals will ensure that all of your businesses video requirements are met. With years of expertise behind us, we’ll provide the equipment and co-ordinate all aspects of the production, including the post-production edit. We’ll also assign a dedicated project manager for you throughout your event, who’ll be available throughout the process to ensure all your event needs are met and within budget.

8) I’m replacing my event with a virtual experience – what are the benefits and what can you do?

There are many advantages of hosting your event virtually, especially given current circumstances mean that the usual AGM and event cannot take place in a physical venue at present. One of these advantages include the cost saving benefits of not needing to pay for venue hire, insurance etc. Another is the opportunity to reach a wider audience, if you have participants and speakers across the country or globe there’s no need for them to spend on expensive travel fares, instead they can join the event remotely from the comfort of their own home or office.

We can also provide the capability for a full online conference, including a virtual main stage, separate breakout/seminar rooms and even a virtual exhibition space. We’ll also brand the virtual event platform for you so from the registration and lobby area to the main stage and breakout rooms everything will be customized with your unique branding.

9) Can I broadcast my company’s award evening using live streaming?

Of course. We’ve hosted many virtual awards evenings streamed live to your audiences. Whether you choose for us to run a fully live awards ceremony, a hybrid ceremony with a mixture of live presenters and pre-recorded videos or fully pre-recorded ceremony to be streamed on a specific evening to give the feel of a live event the choice is yours. We can tailor the event to suit your exact requirements – find out more on our hybrid events page.

10) How is your online event service different from an every day Zoom call?

11) Where can I stream from?

Simple answer is anywhere, even if there isn’t an internet line we can provide one.

12) What are the benefits of online events?

13) Will you provide technical support?

You can be confident that our team will be behind the scene to ensure your event is running smoothly meaning you don’t have to worry about the technicalities, allowing you to focus on what really matters. We can do this remotely as well as on site.

14) Can the live event be edited after?

Yes, many clients like us to edit their events so they can use the video for marketing/ training after.

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