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Hybrid Events

Combine the best of both live and virtual events with our hybrid event packages

A live & virtual audience makes an accessible event for all preferences
More attendees, more cost effective & a lower carbon footprint than live events
State of the art equipment for an impressive & engaging event experience

Hybrid Events: Combining Live & Virtual

Hybrid events combine both live and virtual aspects to create a unique, engaging event for all attendees. With a hybrid event, a live event is simultaneously delivered to a small in-person audience and a remote audience of virtual attendees. Importantly, both audiences need to be able to engage and interact equally to be classed as a true hybrid event.

To enable your virtual guests to have as good an experience as your live ones, a virtual event platform is often utilised. This allows you to create a ‘virtual venue’ for your guests, and lets you incorporate interactive aspects into your event for your virtual audience. For example, Stage Connections can add chats, polls and Q&A functionality to allow the remote audience to engage with your live event and speakers.

Live Streaming Production Company

Stage Connections also offer live event streaming services so you can share your live event with a remote audience, wherever they are. As a live streaming production company, you can depend on our technical experts to ensure that your professional live stream runs smoothly. We can provide high quality video and streaming equipment for hire, as well as technical support, so that your live stream event looks sharp and sounds great.

Our experts have experience working with several popular live streaming software solutions and platforms. Whether you’re looking to stream live events with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or host a whole hybrid event with a dedicated event platform such as Hopin, we can help with setup and management. With remote working here to stay, streaming live events is a great way to virtually bring together teams, companies and industry peers, whether that’s for corporate events, workshops or awards ceremonies.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

By adding a virtual component, you can greatly extend your event’s accessibility and audience numbers, whilst still giving people the choice to attend in person if they wish. The best of both worlds! What’s more, with smaller numbers travelling to and attending your event in person, hybrid events can be much more cost effective and reduce your carbon footprint, compared to typical live events.

You can learn more about the benefits of hybrid events here.

Hybrid Conferences & Live Streaming Conferences

One of the most popular forms of hybrid events is the hybrid conference. As a knock-on effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is here to stay. This means conferences are becoming even more important as a way for people to connect with their peers, network, and level up their industry knowledge. With a hybrid conference or live streamed conference, people can join remotely from anywhere in the world, opening up your event to a new audience whilst showcasing your brand and knowledge more effectively than ever. With speaker Q&As, online breakout sessions and forums, everyone at your event – either live or remote – can engage and connect.

Hybrid Event Support & Equipment

Our expert team can help you create a slick, professional hybrid event experience for both your live and virtual attendees. We have helped clients from several industries host a range of hybrid events, including conferences, awards evenings, product launches, galas and more. Whatever your event, we can create a tailored solution which blends live and virtual event production.

For your virtual audience, our high quality equipment packages use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a reliable stream that won’t let you down. Enjoy crystal clear audio and visuals alongside a simple to use virtual events platform, all supported by our technical crew. For your venue and live audience, we provide event equipment hire to ensure a professional production. From quality lighting and sound to an impressive stage setup, we’ll make your event look the part. We provide technicians to operate the equipment so everything runs smoothly.

If you are interested in hosting an engaging hybrid event, get in touch with our experts today. We’re happy to discuss your ideas and provide professional advice to help make your event a success.

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