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Special Effects Hire

Special Effects Hire

Special effects will add a wow factor to any event. Our special effects hire includes confetti cannons, smoke machines and spark streams, all of which can be used to amaze and delight your audience.

Equinox Spark Stream
£80 / day
£240 / week

Special Effects Hire

Special effects hire is a popular way to add some showmanship to your event. Everyone wants to impress their audience and for their event to be memorable, and special effects equipment can help you do both! By planning special effects into your event, you can create dramatic effects, build atmosphere and punctuate performances.

Our special fx equipment services include confetti cannon hire, smoke machine hire/haze machine hire, and spark stream hire. Confetti cannons are a popular addition to many events – they can shower winners at an awards night or add pizzazz to a product launch. Our haze machines, which operate much like smoke machines but are safer to use indoors and for those with respiratory conditions, work great to enhance stage lighting. For the ultimate splash of drama, our spark streams produce a thrilling fountain of sparks – perfect for introducing entertainers or for big numbers at a concert or festival.

Special FX Equipment Packages

Our special fx equipment can add an extra dimension to your event. If you plan to use special effects to take your event production to the next level, we can help you create a convenient hire package to cover all your event equipment needs. Our experts can advise you on equipment to suit your vision, venue and budget. Our stunning special effects equipment can enhance your lighting and sound hire, creating an innovative show which delights your guests. Our experts will take the time to understand your requirements and can even be on hand to set up and operate your special effects, lighting and sound at your event for a professional production.

Streaming Your Event

If you’ve gone to the effort to create a show-stopping event with exciting special effects, you’ll want to share the experience far and wide! We can help you expand your reach and engage guests who couldn’t be at your event in person with a streaming solution. This will allow you to stream the event online so more guests can join the show by attending virtually. Our experts can discuss the options available and offer a solution tailored to your event.

If you are looking for dazzling special effects hire or a comprehensive equipment hire package, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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