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MagicFX Powershots confetti cannon hire
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MagicFX Powershots Confetti Cannon



Enhance the celebratory atmosphere at your next event by hiring one of our MAGICFX Power Shot confetti cannons.

Use the confetti cannon to congratulate winners at an awards ceremony, to welcome a VIP on stage at a gala dinner or to add an extra special touch to the first dance at a wedding. As the Power Shot is splash proof, it is suitable for outdoor locations too, making it perfect for festivals, open air concerts and other outdoors events.

The Power Shot confetti cannon can be operated from both podiums and truss. It works with both confetti and streamers.

The Power Shot confetti cannon is manufactured by Dutch company MAGICFX, renowned for their professional special effects machines and equipment around the world.

A price will be agreed upon enquiry.

Product Specification

  • MAGICFX Power Shot MFX0301
  • SIZE (LXWXH) 13x12x16 cm
  • WEIGHT (KG) 1.95
  • VOLTAGE 230 V
  • POWER 100 W
  • CONTROL 230V on/off or DMX by using a Switch Pack
  • CONSUMPTION ELECTRIC CANNONS! – Electric Confetti Cannons 40cm: 5m – Electric Confetti Cannons 80cm: 12m – Electric Streamer Cannons 40cm: 10m – Electric Streamer Cannons 80cm: 20m!

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