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Road Shows

Flexible event production services to help deliver a successful roadshow

Customised event production packages tailored to your needs
Experienced project manager to identify & overcome potential logistical challenges
Flexible sets & equipment hire to suit a variety of venues on the road

Hit the road and deliver an immersive event that will wow your crowd! We can supply everything needed to make your roadshow a complete success. Tell us about your roadshow and we’ll pull together a customised live production package based on your needs.

Our high quality road show production services include:

  • Dry hire: we can offer soundlighting and audio visual equipment for either a short or long term basis.
  • Full event production: we can design custom lighting, AV and sound solutions for your roadshow too. Get in touch and tell us more about your plans.
  • Personnel: our trained engineers and technicians can work at your roadshow. We can set up the equipment and operate it each day.

Types Of Roadshow Solutions

At Stage Connections our roadshow solutions have helped brands connect with their audiences in a variety of ways! There are a huge number of possibilities to use your roadshow to meet your audience, including product launches, customer experiences, exhibitions, product showcases, training and workshops and more. Find out more about our innovative solutions to target your audience by speaking to our consultants today.

Take Your Road Show Virtual

Tour the country from the comfort of one location with our virtual streaming packages! Our professional virtual events packages are a low-cost, hassle-free alternative to live production and, with impressive green screen, you can create the appearance of your show taking place anywhere! Find out more about our solutions, including hybrid packages – a flexible format that allows you to mix real-life attendees whilst broadcasting to a wider audience. Speak to our experts today to find out more.

Expertly Overcoming Production Challenges

Road shows are a popular way to communicate your message on a large scale. They do however create a whole host of challenges. Logistically they can be tough, which is why you need an experienced production team you can trust and rely on. At Stage Connections we offer outstanding customer support. Your project manager will oversee the entire project to make sure any challenges are identified early and overcome without impacting your event. We work flexibly to budget and use this to make the most efficient use of the equipment we have, minimising unnecessary costs.

Flexible Live Production Packages

One size doesn’t fit all! Using different venues will most likely mean changes are needed to make each individual show work. Low ceilings, smaller room dimensions and access restrictions are just a few things that can become obstacles. Your project manager will be on hand to identify potential problems and ensure that our services can adapt effectively in each space. They will attend site visits, produce CAD plans and 3D drawings so you can feel confident we will deliver the very best for each show.

Bespoke Event Design

You want your event to be different and to represent your brand. At Stage Connections we design and build our own sets in-house. No matter what design you need, we can create an individual solution to suit you and make adjustments based on each venue. Alternatively you can cut costs and use one of our stock sets. These can be covered in a range of materials, allowing you to personalise them to your desired aesthetic. Once lit up with our LED lighting, the set will be transformed from a simple blank canvas to something more inspiring that represents your brand. Create your unique brand experience today!

High Quality Lighting & Sound Equipment

As a representation of your brand, you want to ensure that your roadshow delivers an outstanding experience. Our premium lighting and sound equipment plays a huge part in this, ensuring crystal clear sound and viewing of the message you want to convey to your audience.

What To Expect

At Stage Connections, our experienced team are on hand to guide you through the design and production of your roadshow. Working alongside your own internal team, we can identify challenges and opportunities from the multiple venues you use and work to create an innovative solution that will make you stand out. Throughout the roadshow our live crew will seamlessly handle all aspects of production, from lighting and sound to stage solutions and special effects.

Why Use Stage Connections

There are many advantages to going on the road with Stage Connections. Roadshows can be complex to organise, but our team love a challenge. We take the time to understand your needs and create a bespoke solution that carefully considers your budget – dynamically utilising equipment to help keep costs down. Find out more by contacting our event consultants today!

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