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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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    Lighting hire

    Lighting is an integral part of the production of your event. Dry hire a vast range of generic and intelligent lighting equipment from Stage Connections with our modern solutions. From industry-leading equipment for subtle illuminations, to sophisticated moving light shows, we have a wide range of lighting solutions that will transform your event.

    Dry hire industry-standard equipment from quality manufacturers, including Martin, Clay Paky, Robe, Chauvet, Avolites, Chamsys, Prolight, Trilite and more.

    eLumen8 Kudos 700 Beam Moving Light

    1. £35 / day
    2. £70 / week

    Chauvet Colordash Quad 12 LED Batten

    1. £28 / day
    2. £56 / week

    ProLights SmartBat Plus

    1. £25 / day
    2. £75 / week

    Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot

    1. £35 / day
    2. £70 / week

    Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash

    1. £35 / day
    2. £70 / week

    3T Beam Clamp

    1. £6.50 / week

    Zero 88 Alphapack 2 Dimmer

    1. £15 / day
    2. £45 / week

    Avolites Quartz

    1. £100 / day
    2. £300 / week

    ProLights 4 Way Rack Mounted DMX Splitter

    1. £10 / day
    2. £30 / week


    1. £from 9.60 / day
    2. £from 19.20 / week

    Manfrotto Wind up Stand (1.8m – 3.7m)

    1. £20 / day
    2. £60 / week

    Prolyte H30V truss – 1M

    1. £10 / week

    Prolyte H30V truss – 2M

    1. £20 / week

    Prolyte H30V Truss – 3M

    1. £25 / week

    Prolyte H30V truss – 4M

    1. £30 / week

    Tractel Black 1000kg Hand Chainblock

    1. £15 / day
    2. £25 / week

    Heavy Duty Truss Base Plates

    1. £18 / week

    ETC Source 4 Junior Profile

    1. £10 / week

    Chauvet SlimPAR 64

    1. £10 / day
    2. £13 / week

    MagicFX Powershots Confetti Cannon

    1. £POA / day
    2. £POA / week

    63A 3PH Extension Cable (Various Lengths)

    1. £10 / week

    Rubber Box 63a 3 phase power distro

    1. £35 / week

    Rubber Box 16a single phase distro

    1. £5 / week

    Source Four Fresnel 750W

    1. £10 / week

    Chauvet SlimPAR Pro RGBA

    1. £15 / day
    2. £19.50 / week

    Zero88 Jester 24 Lighting Desk

    1. £30 / day
    2. £90 / week

    Coda Floods 500W

    1. £4 / day
    2. £4.80 / week

    Fresnel 500W

    1. £6.40 / day
    2. £7.58 / week

    Cost-Effective Control & Dimming Solutions

    Lower the brightness of lights and control the output of your equipment with our affordable control and dimming solutions. Our high performance technology includes signal distributors, lighting desks, faders and dimmers. Stay in control of your programming and take charge of moving light parameters with ease.

    Generic Event Lighting

    Transform your event with our impressive event lighting solutions. Our flexible equipment offers unsurpassed performance to event organisers worldwide. With a range of lighting for venues of all sizes, we can deliver unparalleled imaging and beam quality for your event. We create entirely bespoke packages dependent on your requirements and budget, ensuring that you have the best lighting package available.

    Innovative LED Lighting

    Stand out from the crowd with innovative LED lighting. Our quick and easy LED lighting solutions offer a dynamic experience that will wow your audience. With powerful technology, our LED lights deliver rich colour and striking light sequences. With high pixel specifications, equipment like our Showtec Pixel Track Batten can be programmed into a highly sophisticated DMX show.

    Impressive Moving Head Lighting

    Don’t understand the importance of innovative lighting. Flood your venue with roving light sources and create a memorable experience with our impressive moving head lighting solutions. Made by high-quality engineers, our moving head lights offer an outstanding audience experience with brilliant light beams. Change shape and colour to create an additional depth to your light show.

    Power Distribution Equipment

    Ensure your lighting systems run smoothly with our reliable power distribution equipment. Our distribution systems are entirely flexible and can be created bespoke to cater to your event’s individual lighting equipment demand. Guarantee peace of mind with our trusted technology by investing in our power distribution equipment today.

    Trusted Rigging Solutions

    Our durable and hardwearing rigging products are designed for high frequency use and can cater to the major demands of any live event. With versatility, our rigging can be applied to a range of scenarios and venues, making it a highly practical investment. Our flexible solutions mean that you can adapt our rigging to cater for your venue’s specific requirements. Learn more about our quick and easy-to-assemble rigging now.

    Expert Lighting Installers

    Our live experienced crew are on-hand to install your lighting solutions and oversee the production of your event. We can run your lighting system on the day itself, guaranteeing peace of mind as your programme is left in the hand of experts. Speak to our crew today to find out more!

    Design Your Unique Lighting Package

    Our experts understand how to create the perfect bespoke lighting package for your event. We work with a variety of budgets for organisers of a range of events including conferences, live music, weddings, road shows and more. Our team take the time to understand the unique requirements and challenges of your event before designing your tailored lighting package, selecting the ideal equipment for you. Find out more by speaking to our team today!

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