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Lighting Hire

Generic Lighting

We offer stage lighting & flood lighting hire for full coverage of your stage or venue. Our generic lighting fixtures can offer focused light when alone, or wash lighting when used in groups on rigs.

All Lighting Hire Control & Dimming Generic Lighting LED Lighting Moving Head Power Distribution Rigging

Fresnel 500W
£6.40 / day
£7.58 / week

Stage Lighting Hire

Stage Connections offer a variety of lighting equipment for your stage lighting hire needs. Our generic lighting fixtures can create wash lighting to illuminate your stage, or more focused beams to pick out certain spots on stage. Our stage lighting equipment includes fresnel lights, ellipsoidals/ERS lights and spotlight hire. We can combine generic lighting with LED lighting, moving head lights and lighting desks to create comprehensive stage lighting packages for any event.

Flood Lighting Hire

We offer powerful flood lighting to brighten your stage and set, allowing your guests to clearly see your performance. Flood lighting hire offers a simple, low cost way to bring your venue to life with even light coverage. Our flood lighting can be arranged on floor stands or lighting bars to achieve your desired output.

Our generic lighting options are a simple, quick and affordable way to provide stage lighting. Whether you want to fill your venue with wash light or direct lighting to specific focus points, our stage lighting hire options can meet your needs.

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