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Ampetronic ILD500 induction loop amplifier
£40 / day
£120 / week

Ampetronic ILD500 Induction Loop Amplifier


Ampetronic equipment is the name associated with loop systems and technologies across the globe. Based in Nottinghamshire, the Company boasts the world’s largest loop technical support and design team and through the years, they have consistently set the standards in this field.
The ILD500 is a professional audio induction loop driver ideal for hire where a large coverage area is needed, such as conferences, theatre halls, courts, events held in sports and lecture halls, large meeting rooms or cinemas. With the capability to drive loop areas of up to 700 square metres, the ILD500 delivers incomparable clarity of sound for perfect lucidity whether being used for music or speech. Your choice of hired equipment comes with all the typical high-end features that we have come to expect from Ampetronic equipment such as automatic gain control and metal loss correction, and the system can be wall or rack mounted or used freestanding to meet your event needs.

Product Specification

  • A wide range of input adaptors can be used for any audio input needs.
  • Area coverage to >700m2.
  • High voltage headroom which avoids any high frequency clipping.
  • Incomparable clarity of sound.
  • Metal loss corrector which corrects frequency dependent loss that comes from metal structures.
  • Microphone (XLR) and line inputs.
  • Rack mount brackets.
  • Speech optimised gain control.
  • Superior consistent reliability.
  • Unbeatable intelligibility.

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