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Martin-Audio-DD6 speaker hire
£18 / day
£54 / week

Martin Audio DD6 (Speaker)


Utilising differential dispersion technology, this DD6 speaker provides balanced and even coverage over wide angles and medium throw distances.
These DD6s are 6.5” and are designed with Martin Audio’s own Boundary Element Method (BEM) tools. Close up, it has a short throw horizontal dispersion of 120° and this narrows to 90° as you get further away. It also has a vertical dispersion of 60º, with greater output above the horizontal centre plane.

The speakers have several mountable options and can be positioned vertically, or horizontally as monitor speakers. The grill is detachable via a magnetic strip and the installed catch will prevent you losing it.

These Martin Audio DD6 speakers are ideally suited for audiences on a flat or slightly sloped surface.

Product Specification

  • A highly compact and versatile passive 2-way system
  • Differential Dispersion with a rotatable horn (configurable without tools using thumb screws)
  • Portrait or landscape positioning
  • High-linearity 6.5″ (165mm) bass / mid driver
  • 0.5″ (12.5mm) exit HF driver

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