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Electro Voice TX1122FM floor monitor hire
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Electro-Voice TX1122FM (Floor Monitor)


The Electro-VoiceTX1122FM is a 12-inch two-way full-range floor monitor that is compact in size but offers high output. It is ideal for for usage on small and medium-sized stages where a lightweight solution is required without impacting quality.
The enclosure of the TX1122FM makes use of Signal Synchronized Transducers designed to align the compression driver and woofer by ensuring that they are located on separate baffles, and integrating a low distortion port in between the baffles. The result is highly superior to traditional flat baffle construction with the compression driver and acoustic centres of the woofer being closer together, thereby synchronising arrival time. Additionally with the voice coils of the woofer and compression driver and woofer in the same plane, linear phase response is achieved. Both baffles are also smaller in size than a single baffle, therefore generating a reduced footprint.

The Electro-Voice TX1122FM makes use of the DH3 which is a high output 1.25” titanium compression driver, and this is coupled to a Constant Directivity 90° x 50° horn. With a shorting ring and FEA optimised magnet structure, ultra low distortion is achieved. An extremely smooth response in vocal range is achieved as a result of the crossover making use of steep 24 dB/octave slopes with equalisation.

Overall, the TX1122FM’s crossover, transducers and enclosure together provide you with a highly compact floor monitor that is extremely efficient in producing high output levels before any feedback is experienced. Additional features such as the durability of the enclosure, resistant grille design and four way handles make the TX1122FM the ideal choice as a dedicated floor monitor.

Product Specification

  • 25-inch DH3/2010A titanium HF compression driver
  • 500W continuous, 2000W peak power handling
  • 99 dB sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPL
  • Black EVCoat finish
  • Constant-directivity 90º H x 50º V horn
  • Integrated 24 dB/octave crossover with HF protection
  • Low-distortion SMX2121 woofer with fully symmetric drive
  • Neutrik Speakon® paralleled pass-through connectors
  • Perfect for small and medium stages
  • Signal Synchronized Transducers allowing for woofer/tweeter alignment
  • Two integrated handles for easy handling
  • Two-way, high-output design
  • Vented sturdy LF enclosure

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