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Electro Voice SbA760 subwoofer hire
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Electro-Voice SbA760 (Powered Subwoofer)


Electro-Voice SbA760 (Powered Subwoofer)

The Electro-Voice SbA760 is a new generation of hi-power compact subwoofers. Designed to match EV’s Sx-series speakers, it s an ideal system extension for the SxA360 powered speaker.
The SbA760 adds extended low frequency response. The state-of-the-art class H power amplifier module delivers 760 Watts RMS power to an EVS15FR 15 woofer. The audio performance and reliability of the amplifier is derived from the famous EV Precision series amplifiers. The Patented LPN (low-pass-notch) filter compensates for transient distortion of dynamic signals and allows, in combination with the PowerMax 12 crossover filter, the SbA760 to achieve a higher acoustic output than expected from a compact cabinet that size. The SbA760 includes a recessed pole mount and four casters for easy use and mobility.

Product Specification

  • 760W output power (RMS)
  • Compact, ergonomic size for easy transportation
  • EVS-series, direct radiating 15 woofer
  • Built-in stereo crossover with PowerMax 12 filter for higher acoustic system output
  • LPN-filter to compensate LF transient distortion for full extended bass response
  • Dynamic limiter and full protection package

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