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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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    Interspace Industries PC balance box

    Interspace Industries PC balance box hire


    1. £5 / day
    2. £15 / week


    Interspace Industries’ PC balancing box eliminates common hum problems that can occur when connecting audio from your presentation PC. Audio input cables can pick up hum from any number of sources: power supplies, florescent lights and other pieces of electrical equipment. The noise is less than desirable if you’re staging a professional event. The PC Balance Box is a must-have piece of kit for corporate events, conferences, awards shows and more.

    The versatile unit will match unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, plus it will troubleshoot hum problems.

    The PC balanced box is completely passive and bidirectional.

    • Stereo/Mono Selection Switch
    • 20dB pad switch allows audio to be input on either line or mic connections
    • Earth (Ground) Isolation ensures that ground loops are easily defeated
    • Left/Right XLR output connectors are standard for live events audio
    • Compact size
    • No power required (passive) – always ready to go
    • Captive lead ensures easy connection every time

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