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Sennheiser EW145 G3 handheld system microphone hire
£32 / day
£96 / week

Sennheiser EW145 G3 Handheld System with 845 Supercardioid Tx


Own the stage with the Sennheiser EW145 Handheld System and the 845 Supercardioid Tx.
This handheld wireless system is built with simplicity in mind, for example, syncing the transmitter with the receiver is achieved by a mere push of a button. With the option to recharge the battery pack whilst it stays in the transmitter, you’ll never suffer from signal loss again. The microphone’s supercardioid polar pattern is designed in such a way that it will pick up the speaker’s/singer’s voice with clarity, whilst being resilient to feedback and reject those off-axes background noises.

Whether you’re presenting a keynote speech or playing live music, this handheld wireless system is a reliable and dependable option that always offers a clear vocal signal.

Product Specification

  • Robust metal casing ensures durability
  • Large bandwidth of 42MHz
  • 1680 turnable UHF frequencies ensure interference-free reception
  • 12 compatible frequencies
  • Clear diversity reception
  • Pilot tone squelch feature eliminates RF interferences when transmitter is turned off
  • Automatic frequency scan allows for easier search of available frequencies
  • Improved AF frequency range
  • Infrared interface allows for wireless snychronisation of transmitters
  • User-friendly on-board controls and graphic display with minimal buttons/actions
  • Auto-lock feature avoids changing of settings unknowingly
  • HDX companders creates a clear and crisp sound
  • Transmitter feature battery indicatation in four steps
  • Includes EQ, soundcheck and mute functionality

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