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Ryder Cup FanZone Paris

what we did

This year the Ryder Cup took to Paris and we were lucky enough to be part of it. This job required a lot of pre planning to be sure the truss structures and 6 staging platforms met the clients measurements and specifications. The CAD plans and 3D visuals helped us be certain we had everything we needed before setting off to Paris.

9 tonnes of equipment including 180 staging decks and 145 lengths of truss set sail across the English Channel all ready to go for the Ryder Cup experience . This structure was impressive with 379m2 of staging and over 200m of truss taking a day and a half to build with the help of some local crew.

We also supplied PA equipment and power distribution for three locations, including wireless lectern microphone and wireless iPad playback. The pre planning definitely paid off, the job was a great success, and what an experience.

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