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Stage Connections’ Lights Appear in Rock Music Video

19 December 2014

Lighting supply for Violet’s new music video, ‘As Children’.

Stage Connections recently supplied lighting for Violet’s new music video, ‘As Children’.

Earlier this year, the band contacted us to explain the video’s premise, they wanted to create silhouettes using backlighting.  They had already decided to use the Showtec Sunstrips Active DMX MK2. We agreed with their choice after hearing the band had chosen to produce a performance-based video with quick cuts and distorted production.


The Sunstrips remain in shot throughout the video’s duration, and a Stage Connections’ lighting engineer was present on-set, programming the lighting patterns live throughout the film. All lights were pixel mapped using our Chamsys console to achieve graphic/video effects using lighting.

To add atmosphere, a little haze effect was used from our Jem Hazer, as you can see in the video. Careful consideration was given to add enough haze to add atmosphere, but not too much to impact the quality of the video images.

We used our LED batons to achieve the colour and strobe effects in the video.

The Violet’s uploaded their video onto YouTube last month, and it has been received extremely well by the band’s fans – it’s already scored thousands of views!

Music Videos & Music Event Equipment Hire

Although Stage Connections are usually concerned with the corporate side of live events – supplying sound, lighting and AV equipment hire for corporate conferences, gala dinners and awards ceremonies to name but a few – we never shy away from the rock and roll world.  

Our Showtec Sunstrips were an integral part of our festival tour with Jägermeister back in 2011, and were used in a similar fashion, hung to light up the stage. We’re delighted they got to be associated with the rockier side of music once again.

Stage Connections supply AV, lighting and sound equipment for music events

Achieving the correct lighting design for a music video can be tricky business. Done poorly, it can really affect the visibility of the artist’s or band’s performance. When executed well, it can really add depth and an extra dimension to the narrative’s subject matter.

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