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    True Layer Hybrid Winter Celebration

    what we did

    Whilst some of us might be wrapping up at work to prepare for a few weeks off to relax with family, to us the Christmas period also means Award Shows, Live Events and, of course, Christmas Parties. This year, our Christmas parties have evolved to include virtual and Hybrid events. Here’s how we brought one of our Hybrid parties of the season to life.


    This event took place at Madisons Rooftop Restaurant in London. We were asked to provide an event which encapsulated the Christmas Party/Winter celebration vibe to the attendees both in person and virtually. This included a live performance from a band as well as an Awards ceremony. For the Virtual aspect we produced the ‘Picture in Picture’ design which made sure that the virtual attendees did not miss a beat of the event.

    Following the initial site visit we had the layout of the room confirmed in terms of equipment and staging setup and we proceeded to work on the lighting, sound and presentation aspects to maximise the space.

    How we delivered the event

    We planned our setup based on the premise that there would likely be virtual presenters during this event due to the pandemic, however this was not required in the end as all presenters were able to attend in person. We still provided all the equipment to allow virtual presenters as a back-up for any cancellations or change in agenda.


    2 x 80inch screens, one on stage and one to the side both showing the event content.

    1 x 65inch screens further into the room, which displayed the various PowerPoint presentations and videos.

    1 x 48inch comfort monitor for the presenters on the stage.

    2 x Professional 4k Cameras to both capture the event for the stream and record straight to the cameras.

    1 x camera operator


    6 speaker PA with handheld and lapel mics for the main presentation. The sound was fed into the stream to ensure that virtual attendees could hear the whole event. The live band were self-contained so needed no assistance.


    For the stage wash we had 4 x Source 4 Fresnel’s which helped the presenters on stage stand out especially for the capture being sent to the stream.


    We vision-mixed the event using V-Mix and streamed via Zoom. We had streaming techs on hand to ensure that all attendees could see and hear the main stream feed. As previously mentioned, there was no need to bring in any virtual presenters, just a professional feed out to the virtual attendees.

    Post Event

    We provided the client with chaptered recordings of the whole event, so each segment was sectioned off allowing easy access to the Awards, presentations and the live band parts with ease.


    how we did it

    If you would like to achieve similar results to this case study add the following to your Event Planner.

    Vmix Live Streaming Server

    1. £350 / day
    2. £1050 / week

    Sharp 80″ LCD Screen

    1. £650 / day
    2. £1950 / week

    Midas M32R Digital Mixer

    1. £60 / day
    2. £180 / week

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