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Tobacco Docks London

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BDO Case study

In October 2022 we had the pleasure of providing full AV support to a large-scale event over two-days at Tobacco Docks in London. This was a huge event in terms of scale and complexity with over 1400 attendees in various rooms with a multitude of different logistical challenges, just the way we like it! With the venue being a Grade 2 listed building it was paramount that we were mindful of the surroundings while still achieving an extraordinary experience for the attendees. The main event took place in the Great Gallery with 9 additional breakout areas around the venue.


In the build-up to this event, we provided support to the client by carrying out site-visits and surveys to ensure that we could maximize the space and identify any logistical challenges. We created a CAD drawing of the venue including our proposed equipment. The venue requires that our power distribution setup met BS7909, that meant we had to put full plans in place and provide certification by an electrician once installed.  Due to using up to 52 radio microphones across the site a frequency co-ordination plan was created to ensure no interference between rooms.

Video Production

For an event with an audience of this size it was necessary for us to utilize a twin LED wall setup to ensure that all attendees had a perfect view of screen content. This consisted of two 5m x 3m LED walls showcasing our Unilumin upad IV system, along with bespoke screen surrounds and a centre backdrop which was all wrapped in full colour graphic artex wrap. This allowed maximum brand-exposure. We also used 85” and 65” relay screens throughout the main room.

Additionally we used our acrylic lectern with a vinyl company logo graphic.



With the venue providing some Audio equipment as part of the hire, we felt the need to supplement this to ensure even coverage throughout the Hall. We added 16 speakers, a mixture of front and side fills as well as flown speakers and Subwoofers. We used 12-ways of radio microphone in the Great Gallery with a mixture of lapel and handheld transmitters.


We added to the in house lighting system with an LED Fresnel system to provide an even bright stage lighting suitable for both the recording and the live aspect.. We also added 16 Chauvet Rogue R2 washes to the room to bring colour, vibrancy and movement. These were all controlled using our Avolites Quartz lighting desk, operated by a specialist Lighting Technician.

Breakout rooms

We provided AV setup into 14 separate Breakout rooms. These varied in size, therefore we used a variety of systems from a 12ft screen with a 10k laser projector contained in a 11ft high set backdrop in the larger area, down to a number of 55”, 65” or 85 screens in the other rooms. These rooms were also kitted out with PA systems with Radio Microphone capabilities and audio playback solutions.

Party Room

We were also asked to provide a stage and intelligent lighting to accompany the live music aspect of the evening event. This included an Avolites Quartz and a collection of Chauvet spots and washes along with a Haze machine operated by a dedicated Lighting technician.


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