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    Projection Mapping for Alton Towers

    what we did

    We set up projection mapping for the new Galactica shop at Alton Towers Theme park in Staffordshire, England. The brief was to have space projections beamed through the store. There were many factors that need to be considered making this project particularly challenging. For instance, the distance and angles of the projectors and the limited space of the shop. To achieve this we used Panasonic projectors and Resolume media servers which would automatically run through the video sequence. We have full remote control of the servers allowing for easy maintenance of the projectors and their content.
    The final result was impressive. The mapping creating a cosmic atmosphere which is exactly what the client wanted.

    how we did it

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    Panasonic PT-RZ970BEJ Laser HD Projector

    1. £675 / day
    2. £2025 / week

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