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Using our live streaming technology you can expand your online presence. However, live streaming is not without its challenges. Selecting the right solution and, more importantly, the right provider, plays a major role in the success of a broadcast.

Wherever your audience is located, and whatever their circumstances, they are able to be there virtually and, depending on the type of stream you require, they will be able participate through polling and live Q & A.

The GCI Conference we did in Nottingham was successfully streamed to participants around the word. It included a branded PowerPoint presentation alongside a live camera pip. In this instance we supplied GCI with a unique html code to implement on their website which the viewers used to logon and view the event live. This login section provided extra security whilst also enabling them to control who could take part.  Alternatively you can stream to various other platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Vimeo.

Live streaming services for corporate and private events are becoming increasingly popular. By utilising this leading technology you will show your company to be forward thinking, which in a rapidly changing world ensures you stand out from your competitors.

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