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    EFIA Annual Print Awards Gala Dinner, EMCC Nottingham

    what we did

    The EFIS is the trade association for the Flexographic industry headquarters in the UK. It represents the entire flex supply chain from designer to printer and industry suppliers through to brand owners and retailers. They held a gala evening for their Annual Print Awards at De Vere Venues East Midlands conference centre in 2015. The event took place across two rooms, a ‘party room’ with a band, and the main gala room. Along with EMCCs in-house equipment, we provided cameras to link the rooms so guests could still see the band from the main room. A camera was also used to film the main awards ceremony along with the promoting equipment (autocue). Several pieces of lighting equipment were provided and special effects too, including custom gobo projection outside and haze effects. The stage set panels can from our workshop. We have a number of stock pieces (set panels, stage stairs, tabletops, desks etc) available for hire, but our manufacturing team can also build bespoke stage accessories where needed.

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    Unit 1 a/b, Acton Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1FT

    0115 946 4194

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