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Train Brand Launch

what we did

We had the pleasure to work with a major transportation company, in conjunction with a creative agency for the unveiling of their train launch. A truly unique event at the historical Custard Factory in Birmingham it was a launch that stood out from the rest.

The Experience

We at Stage Connections were selected due to our track record of delivering outstanding events, which is why our experienced technical specialists were trusted to make the train launch come to life.

Upon entering the space, we immediately set the atmosphere by providing a PA system broadcasting ambient train sounds and enhanced the effect with mood lighting – to match the new brand – along the concourse, which led into the main reception area.

Arriving into the reception area guests were met with a custom LED board replicating a station announcement board set up ready to display when their ‘train’ was to leave for the main event. We also created a replica train carriage, complete with Perspex windows as the focal point which guests were requested to ‘board’ when they were called through for the main event.


Wireless LED Tubes

In addition, we included a PA system for background music and announcements as well as lighting around the room to enhance the atmosphere.

Once called and through the doors, the guests were led by floor graphics into the main area where we provided a professional grade sound system, graphical elements and supplied lighting throughout the room. This not only helped to highlight the stunning the features of the building, but also picked out the newly launched branding aspects.  Fifty Wireless Asterea LED tubes were installed around the ceiling beams, in a triangular shape above the stage to match the brand, which were “revealed” as part of the show.


LED screens for train product launch at the Custard Factory Birmingham

An impressive focal point, our stage and set consisted of 2 x 4m x 2.5m LED screens angled out from the centre to add a striking depth and to give the illusion that the trains were jumping out of the screens. In front of this we built a 4m wide x 2m deep triangular stage with an LED tape perimeter to really make it ‘pop’ out from the floor.

If you’re planning a launch, conference or another event, get in touch with us. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your event isn’t just another generic conference/launch etc, but a memorable experience for everyone to take away.

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