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What Are the Different Types of Corporate Event?

31 August 2021

Running a corporate event can bring attention and prestige to a company. It’s an effective promotion tool and a wonderful way to make new connections. A successful corporate event can help you reach a fresh audience or build a stronger relationship with other businesses, customers or employees.

Depending on your purpose, there is a range of different events you could choose to hold. We’ve put together this list to help you decide which type of corporate event would support your business best.

Corporate Conferences

What are they?

Conferences are essentially a collection of events drawn together under one theme or topic. They usually start and end with large presentations (or keynotes) that accommodate everyone in attendance.

Conferences will usually span across multiple days. Over these days there will be scattered shorter sessions, usually an hour or two long. These sessions might include guest speakers, seminars, parties, trade shows and product launches.

Why should you hold them?

Putting on an enjoyable, educational conference is a great way for your company to give back to your industry. The mix of educational and social experiences will bring people together. It will let them share their knowledge and expertise.  It can also help raise the profile of your business and will demonstrate that you know your stuff.

Corporate Seminars and Workshops

What are they?

A corporate seminar or workshop is an educational event narrowly focused on one topic or theme.  They could be short hour sessions or involve a series of seminars spread over a longer period of time.

A seminar tends to be more of a presentation-based learning experience, while a workshop is more practical, though both terms are often used interchangeably. Everyone enrolled in a seminar or workshop will usually stay part of the same session together, unlike at a conference where people will mingle more across separate sessions.

Why should you hold them?

A seminar is usually about training people or sharing information. You can offer it solely to members of your organisation, or open it up to a wider community. If you hold one for members of your company,  you can educate your team quickly and comprehensively about a new technique, product or service.

If you choose to open it up, it can be a great way to introduce new people to your business. Even better, they’ll be able to see how great your business is and build trust in your brand.

Shareholder and Board Meetings

What are they?

Meetings of this kind are the most formal type of corporate event on this list. Held relatively regularly (once, twice or throughout the year), they are usually kept short. There may be a specific theme to a meeting but generally, they will focus on the performance of and projections of the business.

Why should you hold them?

These essential corporate events are held for a very specific purpose. They are a chance for shareholders, board members and other stakeholders to meet and be updated on the business.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

What are they?

Though they are industry-specific, an exhibition will bring together a wide variety of businesses together. For example, a wedding exhibition may bring together venues, tailors, cake makers, florists, catering companies and entertainment equipment providers.

Why should you hold them?

An exhibition or tradeshow is all about finding new customers or clients for your business. Whatever service or product you offer, it’s the time to show it off and attract as much interest as you can.

Product Launches

What are they?

Product launches are events to celebrate the release of a new product or item. It could be a small internal meeting, aimed at informing employees about an upcoming release. Alternatively, it could be a big, spectacular party with special guests, lavish food and an evening of entertainment. 

A product launch event is usually aimed directly at customers or consumers, though other businesses and stakeholders may attend.

Why should you hold them?

It’s always a positive step to celebrate a new product. At the very least, you need to let your employees know about the product so they understand it and can promote it properly.

Throwing a glitzy, glamorous party is a great way to draw attention to something you’re proud of or you want to make a success of. Manage your guest list, spare no expense, and you’ll be certain to see the word spread about whatever you’re launching.

Team Building Events

What are they?

Many companies already exist out there who specialise in providing team building events that push people out of their comfort zone to break down the usual social or emotional barriers that might stand between them. 

In-house events can also be held. These are usually on a smaller scale but will encourage colleagues to interact and build closer relationships.

Why should you hold them?

Team building events should be all about supporting your employees. It’s a chance to boost employee morale and encourage people to relax and bond in a new, more informal setting.

Corporate Parties

What are they?

Even under a corporate umbrella, parties are predominantly a social event. They are a chance for people to relax and put enjoyment at the top of their priority list.

Hire a venue or select choice items to transform an existing corporate space into something special. Food and drink are usually available and the quality holds more importance than at other events.

The most important aspect of a party is entertainment though. Music, staging, lights – bring a bit of spectacle to the evening and make it memorable.

Why should you hold them?

Everyone loves a party – isn’t that reason enough?

Admittedly, a corporate party might not have the same ring to it as a brilliant birthday bash, but there’s still scope to make it entertaining and memorable.

You could use it to mark a company milestone, such as an anniversary, opening a new location or hitting a special target. Use it to celebrate your employees as well as your business, and show the world how wonderful your company is.


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