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Choosing the Perfect Live Streaming Events Package

10 February 2021

The show must go on and with a Stage Connections live streaming events package you can create something memorable and mesmerising. Find out more about our tiered virtual events packages and how they can take your event to the next level.

Virtual Event Production & Live Streaming Packages

Live streaming an event is great for communicating to a variety of locations in a convenient and cost-effective way. At Stage Connections, we provide three live streaming packages in the form of basic, mid and large to suit your event needs. We have broken down each package, including key features and the types of equipment and crew required.

The Basic Live Streaming Events Package

Our basic live streaming package is a great way to take your event to the next level with a professional approach. Our basic service includes a managed Zoom conference with some nifty features. We can implement a virtual clicker to the presentations for more seamless control of the slides, managed spotlighting of presenters on the call and even stream the call from Zoom to a free platform of your choice such as YouTube and Facebook.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you’re planning on streaming your live event to YouTube there are strict copyright policies in place. Any footage or music that is copywrite protected, if detected in the stream, will result in YouTube shutting the stream down due to their algorithms.

Equipment & Crew

For a basic event that’s of high quality, there’s not too much you need to get up and running. Equipment and crew includes a PC with basic streaming software installed and one of our technicians to be on hand for operations.

The Mid Live Streaming Events Package

The mid live streaming package is slightly more sophisticated than the basic option and consists of a unique microsite. For this, we are able to build a custom, branded events platform that includes a registration area, agenda, speaker information, a designated live stream page and even some limited breakout room options. This offers a truly impressive and well-designed user experience, integrating everything from registration through to the event itself. For the ultimate interactivity, we can also include Slido integration for live Q&As that the audience can engage with.

Equipment & Crew

Being slightly more complex there is a greater amount of equipment and crew included in our mid live streaming events package. When selecting this, you will get access to a website designer and video technician for PowerPoint, call managers for the video calls and depending on the size of the event, possibly a second streaming technician. Additionally, if our studio is in use then a camera operator will also be required.

In terms of equipment, this includes professional streaming software, a streaming computer/server, high speed internet via a wired connection, an internet switcher for NDIs and vision mixers for managing both the PowerPoints and videos to the stream.

The Large Live Streaming Events Package

The biggest and best of our live event packages offers a fully branded and managed virtual platform. This is as close as you can get to a physical event without actually being there. The types of features we include are a registration and lobby area, networking area for participants to chat with one another during the breaks, an exhibition area with live and interactive stands, a live stage area, and so much more!

Equipment & Crew

Being the largest event we offer, this requires all of the equipment and crew involved in our mid live events package. However, there will also be online platform technician available to manage the various elements that will be taking place on the platform.

Virtual Event Testing Days

To ensure your event runs smoothly and just as planned, we also carry out test days in advance, especially for any live presenters. This enables us to test their sound and camera quality, internet connection and make sure that they can connect to the video calling software of choice. In terms of security, we also have a list of firewall setting requirements that we need checked for certain calling software. This is particularly applicable for companies where access on company computers is limited, so that if needed, we can liaise with any IT teams ahead of time.

Choose Stage Connections for Your Virtual Live Events

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