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Operation COBRA

25 March 2020

Whilst we may not be building LED video walls or creating light shows presently due to the pandemic that’s unfortunately sweeping the globe at this time, we’re still up and running while adhering to social distancing measures by spreading our office desks a few miles apart into our own homes. A difficult measure, due to the lack of office cake available at home, but necessary for the circumstances and probably our waistlines.

If the main doors are shut, what are we up to?

Our unit and office building may not be open, and events might currently be postponed but believe it or not we’re still as busy ever, and it’s a quite a to-do list! So instead of tapping our fingers and contemplating what colour we should repaint our living rooms in the interim, the team at Stage Connections will be working on the following:


We’ve been working hard to streamline our online systems to ensure that every projector, speaker, cable and truss clip (to name but a few) have been counted, documented and added to our database. Along with this we’ve been working on our quotes system so that as soon as we’re released back into the open, we can provide a production process that’s above and beyond anything we’ve had in the past. From a faster quotation system to a more efficient process for logging and maintaining our equipment to ensure nothing kept in quarantine for longer than necessary.

‘Man with a Van’ Service

We’re aware that as everyone is spending an extended amount of time at home right now that also means that the need for deliveries etc, has significantly increased. Therefore, as currently all our vans are not being utilised for events, we’ve opened up the Stage Connections ‘Man (or Woman) with a Van’ service. So if you need help moving, require some extra vehicles with drivers for delivery slots or have been staring at that garden arch that blew down in the gales that you’ve been meaning to get rid of but needed a bigger vehicle to take away, or just are just having a normal spring clean clear-out, we can help.

Give us a call and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP. All of our drivers are happy to help and take charge of loading the vans and are careful to thoroughly hand sanitise throughout the day. 

Online Conference Streaming

Conference cancelled due to current events but in need of vital company training and have end of year financial information that needs to be relayed to the rest of company? We can help. Whilst we understand that the bigger conference must be put on hold for everyone at the moment that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen over the virtual events world instead.

Our streaming services also add the benefit of Q&A and polling facilities as well as being able to check who’s logged into the conference, and stayed for the duration. All this also has the benefits that all ‘attendees’ can watch from the comfort of self-isolation and you don’t have to worry about the complex logistics of bringing attendees to one location from throughout the UK, or even world!

Why not even add a ‘coffee break’ sections to allow teams to group video call to allow for short networking sessions?

Design, Design, Design

To add to our already varied selection of set design we’ve been working hard to update our selection. Sharpening edges and smoothing out curves we’ve been sketching, measuring and rendering a variety of new options to really bring the ‘wow’ to your next event. In addition, as always, we’re continuing to work with our fantastic clients designing some brilliant custom sets for the future events we’ve already got lined up later in the year.

Back to School

The schools might be out, and our kids may be home but ever the keen learners our team at Stage Connections have stepped back into the classroom to brush up on our already diverse skills. We’ve downloaded offline editors for our sound and lighting desks and been working on our video and graphics skills. So, when the lecterns are set and the ballrooms are filled once more our technicians will make the sound even clearer, the lighting more spectacular and the videos even smoother as we continue to improve ourselves and update our technologies.

In addition, we’ve been working hard training on our pre-production renderings to bring you renderings so realistic you’ll think you’re looking at a photo of the finished event.

Staying Positive, Unified and Sane

Lastly, we’re keeping the optimistic Stage Connection spirit and making sure we keep each other sane. We might not have our office cake to look forward to each week and our team cricket match may have been temporarily postponed, but with group chat and video calls it’s like we never left the unit. There was also the option of streaming to projectors in our homes to get the life size experience that we really are all together in person… but even our technophile technicians thought that was maybe a little too extreme.


What’s next for you?

It’s always important to keep looking forward and we’re here to support not just our team but our clients in these unprecedented times.

Therefore, whether you need help with our van services, want to get started on your next event (it’s never too early to stay organised!) or simply fancy a chat over a virtual cup of tea then be sure to contact us today!  

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