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How A Mobile Stage Can Transform Your Event

6 February 2020

From award ceremonies to outdoor music festivals your stage is the focal point for your guests. You need it to be reliable, affordable and give you the opportunity for creativity. Mobile staging is a modern and innovative approach to staging solutions that can help to transform your event space. Read below to find out why investing in mobile staging for your next event is the best decision you’ll make today!


Why Investing In Mobile Staging Can Transform Your Event


Mobile staging allows you the flexibility to hold your event anywhere and can be designed to suit the space you choose. Should you opt to host an outdoor event, mobile staging made with industry leading equipment means your stage and set will be completely protected from the weather. Revostaging is the perfect all-round staging choice and can be used for steps, catwalks, exhibition stands, podiums, drum risers, raised flooring and more. When it comes to building & dismantling our mobile staging, its safe, reliable and quick, with only a small team needed to do the work. 

Modern and innovative, mobile staging technology provides you with a huge range of options to help bring your ideas to life. Your mobile staging can be completely bespoke, and tailor made for your event, so when it comes to designing your stage, the options are endless. 


Stage Connections offer a bespoke stage and set service, so when you decide you need mobile staging for your next event you have the opportunity to create a stage that suits your events requirements perfectly. To ensure it looks and sounds amazing, Stage Connections can also provide you with bespoke lighting and sound packages with a range of working lights, lighting desks, PA systems, sound desks and LED screens. You can also explore options such as special effects and light shows to really make an impression. Our trained team of technicians can take care of the set up and operation to ensure your show looks incredible, sounds amazing and runs smoothly.

Ultimately bringing in mobile staging specialists will also save you money. When you bring in a team like Stage Connections, we work with you to ensure your mobile staging fits your budget while also making sure your staging is exactly what you need. With a specialist team on your side, you’ll also have more time to focus on making other areas of your event a success. 


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Stage Connections specialise in delivering outstanding mobile staging solutions that will transform your event. Our experienced staging team can tailor the perfect staging package to suit your needs and support the vision you have for your event. We have a team of live production experts who are on hand to advise you on your event space and the best staging options available to you. To get started today, contact us by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: info@stageconnections.co.uk or filling out our enquiry form, here.


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