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Making Your Wedding A Day To Remember With Event Planning

24 January 2020

Event production and planning can feel like a lot to do. From creating the right atmosphere & planning within a budget. Then there’s sound, lighting & special effects! Luckily Stage Connections can guide you through and ensure your wedding goes without a hitch!


#1 Budget for Everything
There is so much to think about when it comes to setting out your wedding budget. Having the support and guidance of experienced event planners can help you to see things clearly, prioritise your budget and make sure you are getting the best quality equipment for your event. Our experienced consultants can help you navigate your budget whilst ensuring you create the wedding of your dreams.


#2 The Power of Lighting

Lighting has the ability to transform any venue and create your desired atmosphere. How lighting can affect the ambience of a room should not be underestimated and it’s important you have the right lighting for your wedding. Go too bright and it kills the atmosphere, go too dark and you’ll have your guests squinting to see what’s happening. There are a whole host of lighting solutions available to help you establish the romantic ambience you need.


#3 Pitch Perfect Sound

You’ve got a DJ in mind, or even a live band to kick start your evening celebrations and a pianist booked to entertain your guests on arrival. Make sure nothing spoils the mood and ensure your guests enjoy crystal clear sound throughout the day with industry leading sound equipment. Small and intimate or grand and lavish, it’s important to get your sound equipment right with the help of expert event planning.


#4 Be Centre Stage

Make sure you think outside the box when looking at stage options for your wedding. From outdoor ceremonies, to live evening performances or just making sure you and your loved one are centre stage when you say, “I do”. Create an extraordinary focal point for your wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Bespoke staging options mean you can bring your vision to life with a team of experts, uniquely tailored to your wedding.


#5 Special Effects

You might be surprised to know that having special effects at your wedding, won’t break the budget! From creating a gentle hazy atmosphere with our haze machines to celebratory confetti cannons, there is a range of special effects equipment to help add a little extra magic to those special moments. But if you fancy going the extra mile to wow your guests, a synchronised lights displays will really impress.


#6 Finish It With Fireworks

Thinking of fireworks? A fireworks display can really bring the whole event together and is a spectacular show of celebration. Our expert team can help you design and plan the logistics, with a range of services, equipment and production planning available.


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