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Putting On Your First Theatre Show

22 November 2019

Staging a theatre show is an exciting and empowering endeavour! Once you’ve chosen a show and cast your actors, you’ll need to turn your attention to the production of the play. See some of our top tips for producing your theatre show, here:


#1 Take Centre Stage

Staging is one of the most important parts of your theatre show, so it’s vital that you create an impressive set. There are a huge variety of staging solutions available to theatre producers, including portable staging and outdoor staging for any productions set outside. Staging panels can be flexibly fitted together to create the size of staging you want, letting you adapt to your venue’s capabilities.


#2 Use Projection For Dramatic Sets

Change set quickly with high quality projection! Bring any background vision to life with the help of a projector and set the scene quickly without the need for set pieces or props. Plus you can use projection mapping, an advanced technique, to create immersive experiences where you map your image to an object on stage. Learn more about projection mapping, here.


#3 Prepare For Show-Stopping Moments

Are you planning to have a spectacular finish? There are a range of special effects that can be incorporated into your show such as smoke, haze, strobe lighting, confetti cannons and sparkling streamers. Using special effects is a great way to surprise and impress your audience – creating a show that will stand out in their minds! Learn more about our special effects packages, here.


#4 Deliver Crystal Clear Audio

Poor audio will ruin your theatre audience’s experience, so it’s vital that you deliver good quality sound output! Having multiple cast members, each needing their own microphone pack, means that you need an advanced audio system capable of coping with all of those signals. Our audio solutions are designed to deliver crystal clear sound without any bad feedback. See our complete audio solutions range, here.


Start Your Live Event Production

If you have an exciting idea for a new theatre show, then our specialists can help you! We have a huge range of experience in supporting theatre crews to bring their shows to life with our advanced equipment packages. Whatever your budget, we’ll tailor a solution to suit your needs. Contact us today by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: info@stageconnections.co.uk or filling out our enquiry form, here.






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