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10 Tips For Planning Your Corporate Christmas Event

15 October 2019

Is your business planning to host its own Christmas event this year? Make sure you put on a night to remember for all involved with the help of our specialist live event production knowledge. See some of our top tips for planning your event, here:

#1 Choose An Exciting Venue

The location of your party can have a huge impact on the atmosphere, the attendants and the type of show that you can put on. Make sure you choose a venue that can fulfil your vision! 

#2 Set The Tone With Ambient Lighting

It’s the small details that count! Good lighting can create a great atmosphere, so make sure your lighting isn’t too harsh or too dark. Our experts can help you decide on the right level of lighting for your next event.

#3 Choose A Theme

Create a visually beautiful display by choosing a theme for your event, and then make sure your live production efforts coordinate! With a range of flexible lighting solutions, you can use LED lights to set the tone. Use powerful projectors to display imagery related to your theme in all its glory!

#4 Create A Showstopper With Special Effects

Make your event stand out with spectacular special effects! Smoke machines, confetti cannons, projectors to case illusions…there’s no limit to the show that you can put on. Choose your special effects package and wow your audience!

#5 Consider Your Budget

It’s important to plan your budget carefully, to ensure that you don’t run out or have to cut short on certain areas! Knowing your budget in advance will give you plenty of time to put together the perfect package. Our team can create a bespoke package of equipment that fits your budget – get in touch today to find out more.

#6 Use Multiple Stages For Varied Entertainment

Don’t just give your guests one thing to focus on! Multiple stages means you can provide a variety of entertainment throughout your venue. With our easy-assemble and flexible staging you can set these up in a short space of time. 

#7 Make Sure You Deliver High Quality Audio

Sound is an important part of your Christmas event, so be sure to deliver! Poor quality audio with bad feedback will dampen your guests’ spirits. Use our expert equipment to guarantee crystal clear sound throughout your venue.

#8 Create A Buzz With Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool to generate excitement within your team. Post teasers for your events, keep your guests updated on details and on the night use a hashtag that attendees can get involved with.

#9 Use Immersive Technology To Enhance Decorations

Why go simple when you can provide an experience to remember? Our immersive projection technology allows a modern alternative to hanging decorations – or a dynamic way to compliment existing decorations.

#10 Go Ahead And Enjoy The Party 

Invest in our live production crew services to give you and your staff the night off! Relax and enjoy the celebrations whilst our experienced team handle every aspect of the evening’s production, from stage and lighting to audio, corporate filming and more. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can support your event!

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If you want help with your Christmas event planning then get in touch today! Our team can help you put together bespoke equipment packages that will suit your budget and delight your guests.

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