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The Vital Reason Your Event Needs Projection Mapping

28 June 2019

Projection Mapping is an exciting technology that Stage Connections can offer event organisers across all industries! Find out more about the latest technology and how it can transform your event, here:

What Is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping is a type of technology that is used to project images onto an object or irregular-shaped surface to turn it into a video display surface. An advancement on traditional projection, Projection Mapping is ideal for making a stand-out visual as it incorporates extra dimensions, optical illusions and movement that would be missing from traditional flat projections. The technology works by using a bespoke software that spatially-maps the area where the visual is then projected.

What Are The Advantages Of Projection Mapping?

There are many benefits that projection mapping can bring to your event. These include:

#1 Create An Immersive Experience

With projection mapping you can combine audio with your visual projection, giving an audio-visual narrative and immersive experience that will impress your audience. With our capabilities you can even use audio to trigger the visual effects, meaning they can remain dormant until needed. 

One example: use conductive paint and apply it to an already painted stage, creating a wall with graffiti on it. Having applied the paint and having blended into the scene, this whole wall now becomes a piece of artwork that literally comes alive once touched in multiple areas, triggering different results from a library of preloaded effects that’s on offer. 

#2 Industry-Leading Technology

Projection Mapping is at the forefront of the events industry. Early adopters will gain the advantage of industry credibility – being known as a leading technology events company and standing out from competitors. 

#3 Create Innovative Special Effects

Your imagination is the limit! With Projection Mapping technology you can create vibrant visual illusions that will really stand out and ensure that your event is one your guests’ remember.  Whilst all this transmitting hardware can trigger motion graphics, sound clips, change lighting states, pyrotechnics and much more, it truly gives the user a “look and feel” experience, which involves two different processes, communication between human and an artefact. To put this into context, the technology is able to give the human user the ability to trigger something that behaves. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help bring even the most ambitious visions to life! 

#4 Project On To Any Surface

With Projection Mapping you can use any shape or size surface as your video projection source. Industrial landscapes, theatres, objects, outdoor environments – all of these can be transformed into your display surface with ease! Our media servers can not only play an infinite amount of pixel ratios, the multimedia resources can be both projection mapped around any shapes, surfaces or displayed on a multitude of displays. Interactive behaviour can be delivered in a number of ways, ie. pressure sensitive pads, conductive paint, light sensors or motion sensors.

Invest In Projection Mapping Technology For Your Next Event

Are you interested in learning more about how Projection Mapping could transform your next event? Our experts can help you design and plan an outstanding guest experience that incorporates the latest special effects technology. If you want help from our experienced team, we can help with a range of event services, including the design, installation and live production of your Projection Mapping project to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contact us today by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: info@stageconnections.co.uk or filling out our enquiry form, here.

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