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Top Tips For Hosting Your Corporate Event

30 May 2019

Corporate events are a great way to achieve your business goals, impress employees, clients and key stakeholders and increase your company’s reputation. It’s important to plan your event carefully to ensure that live production runs smoothly on the day. See some of our top tips for hosting your next corporate event:

What Is A Corporate Event? 

A corporate event can range from anything from networking events, to conferences, client parties, business awards and more. Each corporate event has different requirements but all require good planning, the careful selection of equipment and experienced crew members to handle the running of live events.

Tips For Producing Your Next Corporate Event:

#1 Hire An Experienced Crew

Trust in a live production crew to ensure that things run smoothly on the day! An experienced crew will be able to navigate any issues on the day and ensure that everything runs to plan, as well as being able to advise you on the best installation and running of your equipment to deliver an outstanding event.

#2 Ensure Backup Equipment

Don’t rely on your equipment – make sure there’s always a backup in case something goes wrong on the day! Having backup power generators, microphones, sound systems and more will ensure that you can host your event with peace of mind.

#3 Invest in High Quality Sound

There’s nothing more important that crystal clear sound, particularly when there’s a huge number of guests at your event. Make sure you pick a good speaker system that can deliver high quality sound, without any feedback.

#4 Use Special Effects To Stand Out

Special effects will help your corporate event stand out and wow your crowd. Confetti cannons, smoke machines, sparks and strobe lighting are just a few examples of the effects that can be used to create a spectacular atmosphere.

#5 Create A Mood With Good Lighting

Lighting can mean the difference between a good event and a great one! Create a great mood amongst guests with effective lighting, including spot lighting, colour lighting and more. Speak to our experts to design the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

#6 Record Your Event

The promotional material that a recording will give you is of huge benefit to your business. Gain brand collateral and generate awareness of your event with high quality recordings that can be turned into video clips or distributed to attendees. Use high quality portable film recording equipment and microphones to capture guest speakers, panel attendees and more and turn it into an effective recording. You can also livestream your event on the internet to gain additional awareness, or stream the recordings onto TV screens around your venue to improve your guests’ experiences.

#7 Elevate Your Entertainment With A Stage

Create a focal point for your event with a stage! Elevate your speakers and command the attention of the room with a dedicated staging solution. Our flexible options mean that you can design a stage area, no matter what size area your venue is covering.

Plan Your Corporate Event Today

At Stage Connections, our experienced event crew can help you design and install bespoke equipment packages to host your next corporate event. Our team will help you choose a sound and lighting equipment package that will transform your venue. Get in touch by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: info@stageconnections.co.uk or filling out our enquiry form, here

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