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3 Reasons Your Event Needs To Invest In A Mobile Stage

17 April 2019

Mobile stages are a modern and innovative approach to staging solutions. At Stage Connections, we utilise mobile staging technology to offer quick and reliable set solutions for your event. Find out some of the top benefits for investing in our mobile stage below.

What Is A Mobile Stage?

A mobile stage is a handy portable version of a traditional stage. These preassembled stages can be moved on trailers and are perfect for servicing events that have budget restrictions or organisers who need a quick solution to their staging challenge.

Benefits Of Mobile Staging Solutions

#1 Quick Installation

One of the main benefits of mobile staging is the quick and simple installation that the solution offers. Our mobile stages can be erected and dismantled quickly with ease, meaning that they can be delivered at last minute and still produce a reliable staging solution that will carry the weight of your event’s entertainment. By assembling the stage quickly, you can save time from any road closures or site operation processes that are usually required. This quick installation also means that less staff are required during the process, helping make the mobile stage a cost effective solution.

#2 Flexibility

Our mobile staging solutions can be fixed together to form stages of different sizes – making them completely flexible. The stages are waterproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Depending on your design we can craft a unique solution, building an installation that meets your exact needs. Cover an area as ambitious or as reserved as you require – no project is too big or small for our mobile stage. Because of the flexibility of the stage, it’s easy to move around and adjust, which makes us ideally-placed to respond to last minute requests and bookings. We have two sizes available – one large at 8x6m with a 5m height, or a smaller version of 8x4m with a 3.7m height. Get peace of mind from the reliability of our flexible mobile staging. 

#3 Cost Effective

Mobile stages are a cost effective solution and a great alternative to more expensive traditional stages. The flexibility of a mobile stage means that you can have your live event anywhere in the world – saving costs from being restricted to hiring certain venues. As less staff are needed to erect and dismantle the stage, it allows us to charge a lower rate for the stage installation process, making the mobile stage a cost effective event solution. 

Invest In Mobile Staging Today

Our mobile staging solutions are perfect for your event. Stage Connections guarantee outstanding customer experience. When you invest in our mobile staging solutions our dedicated experts will work alongside your own internal team to design a set solution that is ideal for your event. We take into account the unique requirements of your event, including the space available, your expected crowd, weather conditions and special effects, to design a unique stage solution that achieves all of your goals. Get in touch with our team today to find out how our mobile stages can help you!

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