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How to make your outdoor events light up the night

29 September 2017

The weather might be getting colder, but as every event planner knows, the coming months are unlikely to see people cooped up indoors. There is simply too much in the calendar, plenty of it taking place outside, from Halloween to Bonfire Night to the beloved Christmas market season, and Christmas parties! Although their breath may frost the air, attendees will be quite happy to wrap up warm and make the most of the outdoor events on offer.

But one problem that the shorter days and darker evenings do throw up is how to prevent a total blackout once night closes in. Who better to advise you on this than a technical event production company – one like our own, perhaps?

If you want to know all about how you can make your outdoor event dazzle, here are a few of our top tips and tricks to help you…


1: Think about where you’ll need to illuminate

Every outdoor event will have a different layout, so there’s no hard and fast rule about how best to light it up. In order to work this out, you’ll need to take a good look at your location, preferably at night, and make a list of any areas that you wish to illuminate. This is entirely up to you and will depend upon what sort of event you’re hosting and the mood you want to create.

One factor you will need to bear in mind is the safety side of things. Although you may not see the need to light up the whole area, you will need to make sure that visibility is good enough to prevent tripping or other accidents.

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2: Work out how much lighting you’ll need

Once you’ve had time to think about where you want to illuminate, it will be far easier to work out how much lighting you need, especially if you have the help of a professional who can advise you on the amount and strength of light that various pieces of equipment will emit.

Of course, this is not a precise science, so it’s still a good idea to order extra if you have the budget for this. This will not only come in handy if you’ve underestimated your requirements, it will also give you a backup option in the event of any of your equipment malfunctioning.


3: Discover where the electrical outlets are 

Most lighting equipment will require electrical outlets to power it, which is why you should take the time to identify where these are at an early stage in the planning. With this information to hand, you’ll find it much easier to work out the ideal set-up, making sure that chairs, tables, podiums, and so on are not in the way of these, and are advantageously placed to make the most of your carefully thought out lighting decisions.

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4: Choose a mood

Lighting is not just an outdoor necessity, but also a creative opportunity to conjure a certain mood and mould the atmosphere of your event. Floodlights, for example, will provide an exceptionally clean, bright light, making them perfect for offering optimum illumination and a cheerful aesthetic. Festoon lights, on the other hand, are better for creating a dreamier and more romantic ambience, whilst task lights will contribute to a cosier and more intimate visual.


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Carefully thought out, the way you choose to illuminate your event could make a real difference to how well it is received and how much attendees enjoy it, so it’s well worth putting some time and effort into.


To learn more about how we could help you with this, get in touch with our friendly team today, or take a look at some examples of our work in our gallery for inspiration.

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