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Event management company tips for events this autumn

31 August 2017

While the summer is all about the outdoors, appreciating weekends, and jetting off to warmer climes, autumn can see a return to normality for many organisations, as well as the work of a commercial or corporate event planner.

So if you are working on an event in the run-up to Christmas, have you covered all angles when it comes to making those little adjustments, marking the difference between each season in the art of event planning, from team events to a creativity event?


After all, we all know it can be the little details which add up to make the perfect occasion for attendees. On this theme, here are some autumn event planning tips from us:



While an event management company can take care of the event elements which take centre stage, such as the entertainment and layout, you should busy yourself with checking the smaller considerations are taken, working to ensure your events manage to live up to the expectations of attendees. The long days of summer when your event attendees would arrive for an evening occasion when it is still light outside are over. With the possibility of rain comes mud and wet umbrellas. That means in order to ensure a hygienic, comfortable event space, you must ensure that a cloakroom is provided along with umbrella bags. There should be doormats aplenty, to guard against muddy tracks which can leave your venue a mess in no time, not to mention present you with a dicey health and safety hazard. If it looks like being a problem, ensure your event management company can arrange a cleaning team to keep the venue spotless as the event progresses.

Holding an event outdoors? Consider a backup space

If you are holding an outdoor event, autumn need not necessarily spell disaster, but you need to make sure you plan for any eventuality. You can stock up on tents and other forms of marquees and even go so far as booking a backup indoor venue close to the original space so that you can switch the location according to how the weather dictates events. Outdoor events should also take heed of the wind, and make sure equipment which could be affected is secured safely. Paper decorations such as banners are, particularly at risk. Make sure you get the temperature inside the event space exactly right – it is easy to create an environment which is either too humid or too cold in the autumn. Again, an event management company can help you with considerations pertaining to the weather.


Cater to suit the climate

As touched on above, weather, and rather adapting to the unpredictability of it, is crucial to effective event planning in the autumn. And that is also the case when it comes to food. Consult your event management service on the range of different menus they can provide and make your pick carefully. If it is a mild September evening which represents the last dregs of summer, platters of freshly grilled meats and salad won’t be out of place. Conversely, if it looks like being nippy, a more hearty choice of Lancashire hotpot or a balti can win you the thumbs up from guests, enhancing your event brand.


So there are some of our top event management company autumn-specific tips for event planners as we look ahead to dates in the diary for the next season. If you are an event professional struggling to the juggle your budget after an expensive summer calendar, then make sure you check out our blog on how to save both time and money when planning and managing an event. Click here to read tips on everything from attracting sponsorship to cutting out unnecessary costs, decor design and entertainment choices.

Don’t forget that working with an event management company can make all the difference, whatever the time of year. Get in touch with us to start the conversation and get planning a successful autumn event.


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