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Top 5 corporate events ideas in 2017

8 February 2017

Whether you’re providing your staff with an incentive or reward, creating a team building opportunity, winning over clients or keeping suppliers sweet, you could well be looking for a corporate event that gets you noticed.

Of course taking everyone on a luxury cruise or a Caribbean beach would be memorable, but what can you do that meets your business objectives, is “on trend” and is thoroughly enjoyable, while remaining affordable?

It’s time to get creative with your corporate event:


Corporate Events Stage Connections


1. Make your corporate event child’s play

One of the best ways to escape from the pressures of being a responsible grown-up is to use your business event, team building day or conference to connect people to their inner child. This is particularly useful to destress and open up new learning opportunities.

Climbing walls, trampoline parks and ball pits that cater for all ages are springing up in the UK, so why not ride this wave of childhood fun for activities to boost your business profile?


2. Community projects – roll your sleeves up

Alongside a continued mission to be more “green”, UK businesses are increasingly committed to demonstrating their social responsibility. Tying your team building or even business relationship event to your stance as an ethical company is very “on trend”. It could also show that you are investing in your community. This is not the same as fundraising – it involves getting people out in the community or putting on an event that is directly linked to a community project.


Corporate Events Stage Connections


3. Nostalgia is nothing new – but it can be!

Times of economic and social insecurity boost people’s love of “trips down memory lane” and this can be a great place to start in planning a creative and memorable corporate event. It doesn’t have to be a simple 1940s or 1950s party; why not “take” everyone to the seaside, zoo or circus by using special effects, props or projection mapping?

It’s an idea that could bring out the kid in your target group, and tap into the nostalgia trend. You could recreate a fabulous “day out” from the comfort of your office, or source an alternative venue.


4. Lock them up or chase them for a memorable corporate event

Another global trend that lends itself to innovative corporate events is the fascination with being “in peril”.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but having a bunch of actors dressed up as flesh-eating zombies chasing your target audience around a temporary maze, will certainly thrill some people, and offers problem-solving and team building opportunities. “Escape Rooms” are also rising in popularity. These games involve people working together in teams to solve a series of tasks in a set time limit in order to “escape” from specially built locations.


Corporate Events Stage Connections


5. Virtual Reality for real results


We think the most exciting emerging idea for future corporate events has to be Virtual Reality, or “VR”. Did you see the range of ages and types of people rushing around looking for Pokemon Go characters in 2016?

Modern technology means you can run virtual events – connecting people from throughout the world without purchasing a single plane ticket. This could include virtual trade shows and product launches, for example, where your clients look at 3D product demonstrations through VR headsets.

However, VR is also valuable for team or client relationship building exercises. Gathering your target audience together to blow their mind with immersive technology can illustrate how “cutting edge” you are as a company.

No one will forget the feeling of running round with dinosaurs during a VR experience, or racing a speeding car, or flying across the Grand Canyon. You can also take people hunting and shooting if that’s the sort of entertainment that matches your event!



Clearly there are some imaginative and memorable ways to build a corporate event that not only ensure your target audience enjoy themselves, but also makes sure they are receptive to any corporate message you are attempting to convey.

To develop something innovative that ties in with your business needs, contact us at Stage Connections. We specialise in corporate events and projection mapping and offer seamless planning and delivery to make your event stand out for all the right reasons.

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