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PA Systems For Hire

11 October 2011

Hire a PA system for your next event

If you’re looking for a PA system to hire, you’re in the right place!  You can dry hire a range of sound equipment through our rental service – including PA systems!

Stage Connections also offers lighting, effects, video and staging solutions to fit your budget.

The right tools:

Any memorable event starts with the right tools. We have an extensive list of available equipment to meet your event needs. Here’s what we offer:

  • Sound: From playback, record, DJs and microphones and DIs to control and effects and loudspeakers, desks, and ampracks, we have your sound equipment needs covered.  Of course, you’ll also find PA systems for hire!
  • Light: Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, we have the lighting equipment you desire, including generic lighting, intelligent lighting, dimming and cables, lighting desks, and outdoor lighting.
  • Video: Our video hire includes all the bells and whistles to make your event into a professional production, such as projectors, LCD and plasma screens, control and processing and live and playback video.
  • Effects: We can help you bring the drama and add the ‘wow’ factor with our special effects, including fog, smoke, pyrotechnics, props, accessories and lighting effects.
  • Staging and structures: An exceptional event requires the best staging and structures to showcase the performers. We have a wide range of ways to help you produce your event – from modular staging to truss, rigging, stands and podiums.
  • Power and distro: We know how to plug your event in and charge it with the right level of power to keep all the sound, light, video and effects elements going throughout the show and encore for that matter.

All of our equipment includes the best brands known for their quality and reliability, including Yamaha, Soundcraft, Sony, Technics, Tascam, Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Martin Professional, Barco and Panasonic. You name the brand, and we are sure to have it. And, if not, we’ll make sure we get what you want.

The right team:

While having a wide array of equipment is a significant part of your event, even more important is ensuring that all those systems work seamlessly. That’s where we can also connect you to the right team that can direct and produce the entire event by delivering, setting up, and running all the equipment. Our team of audio, lighting, video, effects, staging and power experts know every piece of equipment and how to create and oversee an entire event.

The right hire price:

We understand that every event has a budget. That’s why we work with you to find out what you need and at what price so the budget stays on cue. Our pricing is flexible based on the length of time you need and the amount of equipment and team you’ll need to produce the event. We offer daily, weekly, and long-term rates as well as various event packages, such as sound packages, lighting packages, or a combination of both.


The right experience:

Let us create an incredible event experience for you. Contact us now to get the right tools, team, and price for your next event. You can reach us at 0115 946 4194 or by email using our contact form:

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