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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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Please email me at or call 01234567891.

    Video Production

    Produce dynamic videos that will set your project apart with our professional video production services. From trailers and demonstration videos, to webinars and live streaming performances, trust in our services to deliver a high quality, cutting-edge video that showcases your brand.

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    Quality Video Video For Live Streaming & Green Screen Productions

    Broadcast live professional videos in a state-of-the-art environment using our live streaming and green screen production services. Our expert crew can ensure that your videos are seamlessly live streamed globally, and with the help of our green screen solutions you can turn even the most basic set into a captivating background. Learn more about live streaming and green screen, here.

    Demonstration Videos To Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Set yourself apart from competitors with high quality demonstration and promotional videos, ideal for virtual events and exhibitions. Show off your brand and deliver an eye-catching visual displays with our professionally-recorded videos that will showcase your brand’s full potential.

    Create High Quality Tutorial Videos

    Educate audiences and attract potential customers with clear, dynamic tutorial videos. Our expert crew can help you plan, manage and produce a professional tutorial video for your audiences. Enjoy industry-leading audio and visual outputs using the latest production equipment, and get help streaming and distributing your video once created. Talk to our specialists today to find out more.

    Professional Webinar Filming

    Deliver informative webinars, workshops and training sessions with the help of our professional video production equipment. Our team can help you film and produce high quality webinars that can be streamed globally. Benefit from high-tech filming equipment and, with the help of our green screen capabilities, transform your background into a virtual whiteboard or vibrant set to make your presentation stand out.

    Stream Pre-Recorded Professional Videos

    Record videos and broadcast later with crystal-clear sound and quality. Our experts can edit your pre-recorded videos to give the appearance of a live event, or mix pre-records with live presenters for a unique online experience.

    Post Production Editing

    Our expert post productions can cut your professional footage, add music and effects and deliver a finished product. Get high quality picture and sound editing, visual effects, titles and credits, secure storage and more with the help of our experienced film production crew. We can also help with the distribution and streaming of your film at live events through our virtual platform solutions.

    Why Choose Stage Connections?

    If you’re looking for a professional video production company, then Stage Connections are the perfect partner for you! Our experts will help you produce professional videos for a range of functions. As an industry leading events equipment supplier, our crews use the latest audio and video technology to bring you high quality videos that will set you apart from the rest. Find out more about us, here.

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