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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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Please email me at or call 01234567891.

    Green Screen Production

    Produce professional videos, live streams or photos with our green screen production packages

    ✓ Quicker & more cost effective than filming at multiple locations
    ✓ Flexible backdrops can include anything from realistic scenery to graphics
    ✓ Versatile production solution with many uses

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    Green Screen Productions

    With green screen hire from Stage Connections, you can create a wide variety of creative and professional green screen productions. Green screens can be used for many different kinds of creative work, from product photography to live streaming events. Our high quality green screens allow you to seamlessly combine your footage with any backdrop - your imagination is the only limit!

    Green Screen Hire Packages

    Our green screen packages are ideal for businesses looking for an affordable and flexible option for event production. With our compact, easily portable green screens, you can quickly assemble the equipment and transform the look of any event location. Green screen productions don’t need as much space as a physical set – only around 2m between the presenter and green screen is required. This means you don’t need a huge venue and can easily swap plain or cluttered spaces for inspirational backdrops. 

    With our green screen packages, you can combine green screen hire with our high quality camera equipment and lighting for excellent results. We can even offer filming and editing in 4K for ultra high definition results. What’s more, our technical team can help you produce finished professional videos with our full pre- and post-production editing service. 

    Versatile Green Screen Backdrop

    Stage Connections’ green screen backdrops are very versatile and have a wide variety of uses. Some of the main ways customers use our green screens are:

    • Green screen for streaming: if you’re hosting a virtual or live streamed event, green screens are a great option for creating interesting backdrops. Green screen backdrops could be related to your brand, your industry or your event theme.
    • Green screen videos: green screens can help you create impressive video content without any hassle. Locations and scenarios can be added in post-production, making filming much simpler. From product promos to training workshops, with the help of our production team you can create powerful assets.
    • Green screen photography: as with videos, green screens can be useful for adding interest in post-production for promotional photography. 

    If you’re looking for professional green screen production or green screen hire packages, the experts at Stage Connections can help. Get in touch with any enquiries.

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