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    The Brand Guide to Hosting Virtual Guest Experiences


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    Entertaining events have massive potential to be hosted to audiences via virtual platforms. At Stage Connections, we have seen a substantial uptake in virtual events from online conferences to virtual product launches, and we currently provide an array of professional solutions. Here are some of our top brand guide tips to follow when considering hosting a virtual guest experience.

    Live Streaming Remotely or From a Studio

    The first crucial point to consider in our brand guide is do you or should you live stream remotely or from a studio? There are advantages to either option, both in terms of cost and the overall look and feel of the event you are looking to create.

    Remote Live Streaming Using Free Calling Software

    Where budgets are more limited, remote filming of presenters can be greatly achieved through a calling software of your choice; typically being Skype, Zoom or something similar. However, due to not benefiting from the professional setup of our studio space, a technical test is required in advance of the event. This enables our team to oversee the equipment being used, test the internet connection and generally ensure that the event will be able to run smoothly. In addition to this, to enhance the quality of a remote setup we have the option of sending out high-quality webcams and microphones to presenters that will improve the standard of imagery and sound.

    Branded Virtual Backgrounds

    The background of presenter screens provides a great opportunity to include unique branding and a virtual banner that can be easily placed behind speakers. In doing this, busy and unsuitable backgrounds of home environments can be professionally excluded. Although, virtual backgrounds have a habit of cutting off ears and other body parts, so we advise to avoid these unless there is a professional green screen setup

    Hosting Virtual Guest Experiences from a Studio

    The highest quality option we provide for our virtual live events is the use of our professional studio. By choosing to use the studio you can take advantage of an expert, preset environment that uses the very best cameras, microphones and streaming equipment. We also have the ability to create fully branded sets with the use of our industry standard green screen. To make this option even more accessible, it’s completely portable. We transport our professional studio and equipment directly to the location of your choice that’s most convenient for you.

    Using Clothing as a Branding Opportunity

    For virtual events that are used to host clothing product launches, make the item stand out by having the presenters wear the clothing if possible; this also works well for companies that have branded merchandise such as t-shirts and jumpers. In addition to this, for other launch events where the resources allow it, having the products available to demo live alongside a Q&A is a very effective and engaging way to present products to an interactive audience.

    The Inclusion of Interactive Experiences

    Keep your audience firmly engaged by making the most of additional engaging elements that are sure to keep event attendees hooked.


    Q&As instantly include the audience and offer two-way communication between those hosting the event and those attending. Add in Q&As at various times throughout the event to break up the audience being spoken too and allow them to ask relevant questions at the right time. Whether it’s a product launch or a different virtual event, Q&As are great at creating a more memorable experience and show that it’s a live event rather than just being prerecorded.

    We have the ability to create Q&As for virtual live events in a number of ways, including seamlessly embedding the Q&A panels directly onto the virtual platform. Additional capabilities include hosting a unique Q&A page where questions and polls can be pushed out to the audience, attendees can submit their own questions and feedback ratings can also be enabled; all of which is moderated in real time.

    Networking & Exhibition Areas

    To keep the audience engaged, especially during a longer, full day virtual conference, we highly recommend networking areas and breakout rooms. These can be implemented as a forum for delegates to continue conversations that have been presented in the key notes and seminars during the breaks or simply have a social section to engage with other attendees.

    To further enhance networking sessions we can include embedded video chats too, either as part of a breakout session or workshop. This presents direct interaction between the delegates and presenters or can simply be used for randomised tea break socialising.

    Similarly to networking, exhibition spaces offer an engaging area where delegates are able to interact with sponsors, presenters and other attendees of the event. For more traditional trade show or conference type events, virtual sponsored stalls can be created offering other businesses the chance to add their own branding and contribute towards the event. We find that live messenger or video chats in this format are a great way to boost communication and engagement throughout virtual events.

    Customise the Virtual Platform

    When it comes to virtual events and using bespoke virtual platforms, you really can create it in your own unique way. There is so much flexibility and potential here, so make sure the platform is completely customised to your company branding as opposed to something generic.

    In addition to this, something that we find is that animated backgrounds always create more interest, particularly for awards ceremonies. If the overall design isn’t interesting from the start, the attendees are less likely to stay for the duration of the event and the experience as a whole won’t be as memorable as it could be.

    Find Out More About Virtual Events

    Are you looking to plan and execute a live event, product launch, conference or something similar? Contact us to speak to our professional team today and find out how we can help.

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