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We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

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Showtec Pixel Track Pro LED Batten



  1. £28 / day
  2. £36.40 / week


Create an exciting, dynamic lighting show with Showtec’s Pixel Track Pro LED Batten. This lighting batten is perfect for a number of applications. It can be used for simple plug & play action, or due to its high number of pixels, it can be programmed into a highly sophisticated DMX show.

The Showtec Pixel Track Pro is perfect for use on stage, or at any venue where you need to illuminate a large surface, such as a wall, cyclorama or several set panels.

  • The Pixel Track Pro comprises of 480 high brightness LED bulbs.
  • It is pre-programmed with 16 different ‘chase’ effects for your convenience.
  • You can manually adjust the Pixel Track Pro’s colours.
  • The bulbs have a 15-degree beam angle.
  • You can configure the LED batten using its inbuilt digital display.

3 and 5 PIN DMX input + output connector
Neutrik input and output power connector
Input power: AC100V-240V/50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 70W (full output)
Weight: 7,14 kg
Dimension: 1010 x 175 x 200 mm
Flash rate: 1000 Hz
Manual colour adjustment
Master/Slave mode
Sound active mode
40 sections
Suitable for video over DMX
Selectable 4,7,8,20,40,160 DMX channel operation
DMX control option

4 Channel mode:

CH1 Red
CH2 Green
CH3 Blue
Ch4 Dimmer/Strobe

7 Channel mode:

CH1 Red
CH2 Green
CH3 Blue,
Ch4 Dimmer/Strobe,
CH5 Pre-programmed chase
CH6 Speed
CH7 Fade

Control 2 x 5 sections = 8 DMX channels
Control 5 x 2 sections = 20 DMX channels
Control 10 x 1 sections = 40 DMX channels
Control 40 x 1/4 sections = 160 DMX channels

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