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Kramer VP-728 Presentation Switcher

Kramer-VP-728 hire


  1. £96 / day
  2. £288 / week


Ideal for analogue/digital video, unbalanced stereo and S/PDIF audio signals, the Kramer VP-728 from Stage Connections is a 9 input scaler and switcher. The VP-728 can both up and down scale any kind of video signal you’re working with, including composite, s-Video, component and HDMI. Glitch-free switching can be provided between video source through Kramer’s trademarked fade-thru-black switch technology.

The Kramer VP-728 Presentation Switcher is the ideal accompaniment for wherever your projection system is, be that a conference hall, auditorium, hotel or any other venue.

  •  State of the art video processing with HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) Processing
  •  FTB (Fade-Thru-Black) glitch-free switching
  •  Achieve picture-in-picture or picture-and-picture functionality with K-IIT XL technology
  • Horizontal & vertical geometry controls ideal for any off-axis projector placement
  •  Compatible with HDTV and HDCP compliant
  •  Video inputs include:
  •  4 universal video (composite, s-Video, component) each on 3 RCA connectors
  •  2 computer graphics video (15-pin HD)
  •  2 HDMI
  •  1 USB (for JPG image formats)
  •  Multi-Standard:
    – Auto
              – NTSC (3.58/4.43)
              – PAL (M/N/60)
              – SECAM.
  •  Scaled video outputs include HDMI & 15-pin HD
  •  HDTV output resolutions include 720p, 1080i & 1080p
  •  Achieve several different aspect ratios including 4:3, 16:9, anamorphic & letterbox
  •  Every analogue video input support embedded audio on the 2 HDMI inputs & outputs
  •  Audio Inputs:
  •  4 universal inputs: 4 stereo audio or S/PDIF on 2 RCA connectors
  •  2 computer graphics video inputs: 2 unbalanced stereo audio on 3.5mm mini jacks
  •  Audio outputs  include S/PDIF and stereo audio (RCAs).
  •  Stereo or S/PDIF audio is transcoded to both stereo and S/PDIF audio.
  •  Embeds & de−embeds HDMI audio.
  •  Includes master volume control.
  •  Audio Delay is adjustable from 0 to 340 milli seconds
  •  The built-in time base corrector allow for unstable video sources to be stabilised
  •  The built-in ProcAmp allows for the colour, hue, sharpness, contrast, and brightness to be edited and individual set for each input
  •  Allows for text to be overlayed
  •  Blue or black screen selectable video blanking
  •  100% to 400% zoom function

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