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Fresnel 1000W



  1. £7.20 / day
  2. £8.64 / week


This theatre spotlight is fitted with a PC or Fresnel lens ø 150mm and equipped with a GX9.5 ceramic lamp socket for a 1000W lamp.
Fresnel lenses wash light across a section of the stage or venue. Producing a wide, soft-edged beam of light which fades out at the edges, these are ideal for back light and top light applications.

The PC (Plano Convex or prism convex) is similar to the Fresnel but provides a different type of lens. Although the light quality is similar to the Fresnel, the beam is less soft at the edges (but is not hard-edged).

Whether you opt to hire with a Fresnel or PC lens, the beam may be adjusted in size by moving the reflector and bulb in relation to the lens, and can be shaped using the barn doors at the front of the lamp giving you a degree of control. You can adjust the lamp position on the backside by using the gear-wheel.

Fresnel or PC? The PC sits between the Fresnel and profile spots, with the same efficiency and speed as the Fresnel to rig and comparable beam quality to the profile spot although not quite the same degree of control. Click ‘hire this’ to reserve your Fresnel 1000 now or call 0115 938 6354 to speak to the Stage Connections team and discuss which options are most suitable for your lighting hire needs.

  • Dimensions: 405 x 260 x 200 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 4.78 kg
  • Cable: 1.0 meter silicon cable

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