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    5 Vital Bits Of Equipment You Need For A Festival Start-Up


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    Starting your own music festival can seem an overwhelming task. Between music line ups, health and safety, ticket sales, production and logistics and more, there’s a huge amount to consider when getting your live music event off the ground.

    But how do you ensure your festival delivers a great experience that will cement its future? High quality equipment is key to throwing an outstanding first event. Your production equipment will need to be durable and reliable. There are many challenges, such as festivals often being impacted by the surrounding environment, so you’ll need to invest in trusted equipment that can withstand poor weather. 

    Here are our top picks for equipment that can help you put on a stunning festival start-up to impress your attendees:

    Mobile Staging

    Your stage will be the centre of focus, so it’s vital that you can design and position it exactly as needed. A mobile stage is ideal because it’s flexible and allows you to build and dismantle quickly, lowering costs – perfect for a first time festival operating on smaller budgets. The mobile stages are designed for outdoor use, meaning that they won’t let you down even if your event suffers poor weather. Learn more about mobile staging, here.


    Creative and dynamic stage lighting is vital to add to the visual spectacle of the festival, moving lights, coloured washes, strobes and an experienced hand at the lighting console can tie all this equipment together to produce a show your attendees will never forget.

    We can also provide site lighting! Festivals continue late into the night, often well after darkness has fallen. You’ll need a set of reliable flood lights to ensure the entertainment can continue uninterrupted and your guests can navigate the area safely. Check out the full range of festival lighting hire solutions that Stage Connections offer


    Sound is the most important part of your festival! Crystal clear audio, without the interruption of feedback is crucial for ensuring a successful music event that makes its mark. Microphones, speakers, amplifiers and mixers will all combine together to ensure a seamless sound package that will delight listeners. Start to build your package here and we can get one of our project managers to bring your event to life.


    Festivals should be accessible and cater to all of your guests – no matter how many people are attending your event. You need to install high quality screens capable of projecting the action on the stage to the masses of crowds that aren’t close enough to see, or who chose to hang back from the thick of the crowd for comfort. LED screens are perfect for your event, which allow you to build an impressive seamless video wall. Give us a call to discuss your video needs

    Spark Steams

    Announce your live acts with a bang! The Equinox Spark Stream allows you to create impressive sparks from a unique special effects machine. The equipment contains no explosive components which means you can achieve a stunning effect that’s non-flammable, virtually smokeless and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. See more here.

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