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    The Beginners Guide To Planning Audio & Visual Logistics


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    Planning an event can seem overwhelming, which is why Stage Connections is here to help you! Before you order your equipment package make sure that you understand some of the most common audio and visual logistics that could affect your event:

    #1 Set-Up & Dismantling

    This should be one of your first thoughts when planning your event. How will you make sure that your set-up is complete in time? If you only have the venue for a limited time, or your have multiple events back-to-back at different locations, then you’ll need to dismantle your equipment quickly. A mobile stage is ideal for flexible and swift set-up. Using a professional crew will also ensure that work is completed quickly – our team can be in and out of your venue with ease.

    #2 Live Stream To Different Areas

    Remove the problem of overcrowding by streaming parts of your event across screens within your venue. By livestreaming your main entertainment through professional equipment, you can ensure high quality audio and visual outputs and enable guests to see and hear all the action that they have missed if not close to the stage.

    #3 Give Your Guests The Freedom Of Movement

    Will your guests be moving around a stage or talking on a panel? Use portable microphones to allow for freedom of movement and flexibility with speakers and panels. This also allows you to have multiple microphones on standby in case of any technical issues.

    #4 Prepare For All Weather

    If your event is outdoors you’ll need to be able to prepare for all weather conditions. Waterproof equipment such as speakers and non-slip stages are important to guarantee your event goes smoothly in the face of poor weather. 

    #5 Understand Your Venue

    Do you know the unique challenges of your venue? Are you aware of the space available and any restrictions there may be on equipment? Can vehicles get into the venue to unload equipment? Our experts can help you plan for the space available and make the most of the opportunities your chosen venue gives you.

    Invest In Audio Visual Hire Today

    Our experts can help you design and plan logistics for your next event. If you want help from our experienced team, we can help with a range of event services, including the design, installation and live production of your event. Find out more top tips about audio and visual hire by speaking to our team today! Contact us today by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: or filling out our enquiry form online.

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