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    How To Revolutionise Your Event With An Events App.


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    These days, with the rapid progression of the digital revolution, keeping up with the latest technology, such as event apps, projection mapping & live streaming in the events industry is a skill.

    We keep hearing the term events app.

    In 2016, we are used to having our technology resources instantly available to us.

    Eventbrite, leaders of event technology, recently released a blog titled 10 Event Technology Trends You Need to Know in 2016. It’s a killer article, enlisting the reader with ten of the top technology trends currently innovating and developing the relationship between event technology and event experience, whilst enabling #eventprofs to do a better job.

    Technology now has the incredible ability to feed into our everyday experiences, it provides us with consistent information and entertainment. From a corporate event production company’s perspective, the use of an event app has never been so appealing.

    As Stuart Hadden, Director at CrowdComms rightly puts it;

     The basic premise was that technology should be used to spend our time well”

     When considering an event app, it has become apparent that this technology platform needs to enhance those necessary tasks carried out to do our jobs well, whilst saving us time.  We need technology to slide in and fill in the gaps – seamlessly, like it always existed.

    stage-connections-events-quoteSo what does an event app actually allow you to do?

    1. Create a profile.

    An event app allows your attendee to create a personal profile. This isn’t only a brilliant way for you to know who is attending your event (numbers, genders, occupations etc) but it allows other guests to see who is attending too.

    By the time your event arrives you are able to recognise that #eventprof you were always so desperate to cross paths with…. Crucial for building business relationships and targeted networking!

    1. Quick ability to engage with the objectives.

    The app allows you to create a summary for your event that is easily accessible and this is a brilliant way to introduce your event. It’s a double whammy – you create an impression, parallel to the initial walk in and your attendees are instantly made aware of your overall objective.

    1. Update Agendas

    Anyone who works within the event industry knows that itineraries are a delicate thing. The schedule has changed last minute? Not to worry, you can update the evenings agenda in real time on your new application and your attendees are automatically kept in the loop.

    Saves the awkward announcement-PHEW!

    1. Encourages Independent Interaction

    These days’ time is valuable and don’t we know it. Not only for your attendees, but of course for you as well. For any event organiser, what is more important than your guests being independently able to interact and engage throughout the event in a manner that suits them. Well, the app provides the ability to do that.

    Things like virtual floor plans can be included and attendees can anonymously ask questions whilst leaving comments and feedback.

    This frees up your time to do those all important tasks that technology just can’t replace.


    So to summarise, why is this current event sensation so on trend and lucrative?

     In Short – because people are going mobile.

    Not only is an events app something that all hand held phones can apply to, it’s interactive, it’s digital, it’s personal and it’s statistically smart. It saves time, anyone can use an app and feel informed, it looks the part and will certainly catch the attention of the right people. Your guests will use your corporate event app because it’s convenient and provides them with relevant information.

    Attendee independence and interaction = Integral. Excited Yet?

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