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    How To Make Your Brand Launch Event Successful


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    A Brand Launch is one of the biggest events that your business will ever experience – and your first chance to make an impression on future clients and stakeholders! But once you’ve decided your venue how do you plan an event that will wow your audience? See some of our top tips for making sure your brand launch event is a complete success:

    #1 Invest In Good Lighting

    Your products and services are the focus of the evening, so make sure you put the spotlight on your displays with professional lighting. We have a range of lighting options, like the affordable ETC Source 4 Junior Profile, which deliver an unparalleled beam quality. Or put on an impressive light display with the Chauvet SlimPAR 64, a powerful LED light that offers green, red and blue output. Lighting is important not just to highlight your products, but also to set the ambience and atmosphere of your event.

    #2 Make Sure You Deliver Clear And Crisp Audio

    Poor quality sound and irritable feedback can mean the difference between a successful event and a poor one. Make sure your brand message is conveyed clearly with expert audio equipment including microphones, loud speakers, control equipment and mixing desks. See our full range of audio equipment, here

    #3 Put Enough Budget Into Marketing

    To make sure your brand launch is a success you’ll want to make sure you invest significantly in marketing! Both digital and offline marketing channels can be used to generate a buzz of excitement for your brand launch and assemble a network of industry peers, partners, stakeholders and potential clients. 

    #4 Provide An Immersive Experience

    Make your launch event an evening that will stand out in your guests’ minds! An immersive experience will help your guests’ experience your brand up close and personal, whilst wowing your crowd. You can use technology like Projection Mapping – projecting images onto an object or irregular-shaped surface to turn it into a video display surface. This service is ideal for making a stand-out visual and optical illusions that delivers innovative special effects.

    #5 Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly On The Night

    Your brand launch is a vital night for the future of your business, so it’s integral to ensure that everything runs smoothly. By hiring an expert crew, you can guarantee peace of mind that your equipment will be operated professionally and that if any issues arise they can be dealt with swiftly without impacting on the event. 

    #6 Set Up Multiple Stages

    If you’re launching multiple products, or want to give your audience the freedom to focus on different things, then consider setting up multiple stages at your event. Having different stages allows your guests to wander and enables you to put on multiple sources of entertainment. Speak to our engineer to learn more about our portable stage solutions and how they can be designed to suit your venue.

    Invest In Expert Brand Launch Event Equipment & Planning

    Do you want your brand launch to be a success? Our experts can help you design and plan an outstanding guest experience that will firmly establish your reputation in the industry. If you want help from our experienced team, we can help with a range of event services, including the design, installation and live production of your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contact us today by calling 0115 946 4194, emailing: or filling out our enquiry form, here.

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