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    A Complete Guide To Planning A Virtual Conference


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    As the live events industry continues to be impacted, many businesses have turned to hosting virtual meetings and events in their place. Virtual conferences have proved a huge success, allowing guest speakers from around the world to share industry insights on a global stage. Find out more about planning your first virtual conference, here:

    What To Consider When Planning Your Conference

    Before you produce your virtual event, you’ll need to put together a comprehensive plan. Just like a traditional event, there are a number of factors to consider when putting together a strategy for your virtual conference including:

    Promoting Your Virtual Conference

    Promoting your virtual conference is simple – and can take place entirely online. One of the benefits of a virtual conference is that you’re not limited by venue capacity, or geographical locations, meaning you can promote your conference worldwide. Because attendees can access your conference via a link, you can continue promoting your event until even the last minute.

    Choosing Your Equipment Package

    Expert production equipment will bring your conference to life. There’s a huge range of cutting-edge technology that can make your virtual event stand out – from green screens for interactive backgrounds, to spark streams and confetti canons for in-studio performance. You’ll need a camera and recording equipment to deliver a professional presentation, and vision mixers and streaming systems to bring your live event to life.

    Running Your Virtual Conference On The Day

    Despite the smaller production scale of a virtual conference, you still need to make sure everything is running smoothly on the day. From lighting and recording your presentation, to live streaming and mixing, through to editing and uploading your video after the event, there’s a huge amount of production needed to make your event successful. Our professional crew can help you with live production, saving your video for editing and distribution and ensuring reliable, seamless remote access for speakers.

    Find Out More About Live Streaming Events

    Are you looking to get started with your first live streaming event? Speak to our professional team today to find out how we can help. Get in touch via our contact form, here.

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