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Our New Virtual Events Platform: All You Need to Know

29 April 2021

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has changed the way we work for good. Not only has it impacted how and where we work, but also the way we connect with colleagues and those in our industry. The huge shift to online alternatives for typically in-person activities has extended to the events industry too. Virtual events have fast become a popular way to bring people together online, all from the safety and convenience of their own home. From live streaming and webinars to full-scale virtual conferences, the need for clear and effective virtual events platforms has never been greater. 

As experts in technical event production, the team at Stage Connections felt we could really help our customers pull off great virtual events. This is why we’ve extended our virtual events services to include the design, hosting and development of virtual event platforms, customised to your specific needs. 

Introducing Our Virtual Events Platform

Our virtual events platform is an online environment to host your event, with different areas for all the event video streams and resources, housed in one convenient location. We will build this customisable platform for you on a unique URL so attendees can register, find all relevant information and attend your online event in one place. Our virtual event platforms help enhance the attendee experience, providing an easy-to-use interface and a cohesive, branded virtual venue for your event. 

Take a look around our sample online event website to get a feel for what we can create and to see for yourself how it works: https://www.streameventsonline.co.uk/ 

Virtual Event Platform Features

Various features can be included in your virtual event platform to help facilitate your activities, event planning and organisation – and we’re always looking to develop new functionality! These include:

Secure Registration

An online event registration area lets you collect basic details of those who plan to attend your event, creating a guestlist. You can also create a pre-approved registration list of names and emails so we can make sure that only those who you have approved are able to sign up. This will create a private virtual event which won’t be accessible to those not on the guestlist. Alternatively, we can provide a simple text code such as “YourEventCode2021” which you can share directly with your attendees to allow easy and secure access, without the need to register. 

Once the event is complete, you can also use the guestlist for relevant marketing or to promote future events.

Multiple Event Areas

Just as a live event may span different rooms and spaces, your virtual events platform can contain multiple areas. For example, if used as a virtual conference platform, you may want different spaces for talks, networking and complementary resources related to the event. 

Useful areas we can create include:

A Virtual Programme

This will cover the schedule for your event. It can include information on each session and the presenters, with clickable links to related resources, sessions or external content.

Main Stage

The main stage will be prominently featured on your virtual event platform and will be the centrepiece of your event. Whether you are live streaming or using pre-recorded videos for your event content, this is where they will be displayed. Along with the design of the main stage page, your video stream can be produced by our talented in-house creatives to complement your branding. We can also embed various interactive features, such as polls and Q&As, to support your presentation. Once completed, we can upload a recording of the event to the page with added chapters for different speakers or sections. 

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms offer a space separate to the main stage where further presentations or activities can take place. Breakout rooms tend to be used for smaller audiences and can be great for concurrent sessions where you want to engage with your attendees, such as seminars and workshops. Here, we can embed separate streams or even video chats, great for roundtable discussions or smaller format presentations with direct audience participation. These can also include interactive elements such as live Q&As and polls. 

Networking Forum

Another area you can include in a virtual events platform is a networking forum. This specialised forum space can be particularly welcome for virtual conferences where attendees can chat about the talks and events. In other events, this space can easily be used for more casual conversation, or maybe as a place to have a virtual coffee and catch up. 

Exhibition Area

The exhibition area is very flexible and there are a lot of ways you can customise and make the most of this space. We can create pages for different exhibitors, speakers, sponsors or companies, each with a variety of interactive elements. These could include moderated live chats, galleries, videos, website or resources links, and more. We can also add live streams and social media feeds for a truly rich and informative space. Include video chat solutions so your exhibitors or sponsors can interact directly with your attendees – just like real life!

Customised Platform Design

We want your virtual event platform to be a true reflection of your business and event. To this end, our platforms are highly customisable to ensure they look terrific and meet your needs. We can completely tailor the event site to match your branding, use your fonts, include company graphics and imagery, and more. If you wish, we can also incorporate your sponsors’ or partner’s logos and designs. When it comes to functionality, you can include as many or as few features as you wish, as our talented design and development team are always on hand.

If you are interested in a virtual event platform for online events, get in touch today. Our event production experts are happy to advise you on how to create an excellent virtual event.

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