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Understanding the Technology Behind Virtual Events

25 February 2021

Virtual events can appear to be technical in their structure and set up, although at Stage Connections, we’re on hand to simplify this for you. We pride ourselves on creating outstanding occasions and as well as supporting you in hosting your virtual event, we also want to help you understand the technology that makes it all possible behind the scenes.

Virtual Event Security

The level of security is largely dependent on the platform you choose to stream to. Streaming to free platforms such as YouTube and Facebook is possible, although these methods are more limited in security. Here we provide a breakdown of security across the typical streaming platforms we use.

  • YouTube can be used, although if you want this to be a private event it’ll need to be set as unlisted with the URL the for the stream manually shared amongst attendees. However in doing this, anyone with the link will then be able to access the stream on YouTube.
  • Facebook is more secure as you can stream directly to a managed Facebook page or group, meaning only those who are accepted members will be able to view the stream. Although, this approach does mean that attendees will need a Facebook account. You can also only stream in 720p to Facebook as it doesn’t currently support HD.
  • A dedicated Virtual Event Platform is the most secure option. For this, we are capable of streaming from our dedicated video hosting server to a custom designed virtual event website that participants must register for in order to access. This enables complete control over which users can be accepted to the virtual event website, as well as being able to see which attendees logged on to watch the event.

Hosting Platforms

Similarly to the above, free hosting platforms include YouTube and Facebook. In addition to this, we also have the option to stream to a Vimeo account or similar paid for video hosting platform. When it comes to hosting platforms, our go-to preference is our own video hosting service which when used, can be embedded into a dedicated virtual event platform. Alternatively, we can share the code with you enabling you to embed this onto your own website.

To help you build the right virtual event for your budget, our dedicated account managers will support you in your set up. Keeping in line with budgets, we can also stream directly onto Sli.do as a cheaper alternative to a full website build.

Streaming Audio and Visual

When it comes to streaming audio and visual, we have certain criteria that we work with in order to produce a virtual live event that is of superb quality and runs without interruption. Here are some of the key features of our processes:

Custom Built Streaming PCs

We use powerful custom-built streaming PCs that are capable of 4K camera inputs to run our streaming software. To put the quality of this in perspective, this is also used as standard for professional television broadcast productions.

Quality Networking Systems & Backup

We have a networking system consisting of 10GB network switchers & cards and several internet lines running into the studio setup. As well as this, a 4G router is implemented to ensure that the stream is safe from any potential network failure. When we work with events onsite, we’ll also always recommend the use of the 4G router to tether into the portable studio acting as a backup in the (rare) case that the venue’s connection was to fail.

We Work to Your Preferences

Whilst we prefer to use Zoom or Skype for remote calls, we will happily adapt to your requirements and use the calling software of your choice.

A Combination of Computers and a Video Switcher

We’ll use multiple computers and a video switcher to input into the streaming PC for the videos and PowerPoint at the event. This is also controlled by one of our dedicated video technicians so you can rest assured that your event runs smoothly.

Multiple Control Sources for Smooth Transitions

We use multiple control sources for the streaming PC, including Stream Decks and MIDI control devices. This enables fast and smooth transitions between scenes, as well as the ability to mix the sound separately from the computer to send out to the stream; specially mixing the sound to be clear for the internet.

Customisation of Platforms

For a truly immersive and engaging event, you also have the option of customisation across platforms. Where Sli.do is used, there are some customisation options but they are far more limited. Whereas, if we specially build the virtual event platform website, we can then fully customise it, branded to your business, as well as for any sponsors by including sponsor links to their own pages.

However, the customisation doesn’t end there; we can create unique networking and video calling pages, interactive exhibition areas and breakout session pages for attendees to communicate and socialise with one another.

Recording Your Virtual Event

Let your virtual event live on. We can record the event as it’s streamed live and then chapter it upon completion to specific sessions that are streamed during the event. This is great in giving people the opportunity to jump straight to the parts of the event they are most interested in viewing.

What’s more, we also offer a pre-recording service, where we remotely record presenters and their presentations. For this, we have a list that we send out to presenters before the event with certain requirements and recommendations for the best possible outcome. These include using wired internet for the best connection, a plain wall used as a neutral background and a USB microphone if possible for clear speech. For a reliable and professional recording we are also able to provide presenters with a webcam and microphone if required.

We Can Professionally Film Presenters

For the ultimate recording clarity, we are able to travel to the presenter’s location and film them for the event using our professional 4K camera, studio lighting equipment and sound system. For events where there are multiple presenters, we are also flexible in that we can film individual presenters or a larger group together using our portable studio setup.

COVID Safe Virtual Live Events

Safety is of our highest priority and all recordings that are carried out at the studio will be subject to safety measures. As well as our team wearing masks and regularly washing their hands, everyone who enters the building will also complete a rapid COVID test. This procedure also applies for events and recordings held at a venue of your choice.


Find out how we can take your virtual live event to the next level by getting in touch and speaking to one of our dedicated account managers today.

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