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Virtual Conference Tips to Make Your Event Stand Out

16 December 2020

Virtual events are fast becoming a popular approach in place of live events held in person. If you are considering hosting a conference virtually, take it to the next level and make your event stand out from the rest. It is crucial that you deliver a conference that is going to be engaging, interesting and one to remember. Find out our top tips for hosting a virtual conference that will keep your audience hooked to their screens.

1. Create a Memorable Experience

Wow your audience with an event they are going to want to engage with because, let’s face it, it’s easier to leave a virtual event compared to one where you attend in person. Put your own spin on your event and make it unique with professional custom branding to match your business, green screen custom backgrounds, music and other memorable techniques.

A great way to engage an audience is to incorporate interactive elements such as polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions, all of which can all be seamlessly integrated into an online conference. Other memorable elements include dedicated networking areas for participants within the virtual conference to socialise and live exhibition areas, ideal for virtual product demonstrations.

2. Choose an Appropriate ‘Venue’

Naturally, with a virtual conference you remove the need to scout out a venue but it’s still vital to select the right platform to host the event from. You wouldn’t go ahead and book a venue without doing your research and it’s no different with an online conference. The platform you use and the technology available is going to have an important impact on your audience’s overall experience. Get peace of mind with a reliable connection and state of the art streaming software and equipment that is sure to deliver a seamless event.

Virtual conference venues can be upgraded to be fully customisable and hosted through a specific virtual events platform. Alternatively, they can be streamed free to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, or directly to a video calling platform such as Zoom. This flexibility in set up makes virtual conferences a viable option no matter the budget and our dedicated events managers can help to structure the conference to suit your needs.

3. Make the Virtual Conference Content Work for You

The virtual event itself is just the beginning, by hosting an online conference you are also creating a wealth of content that can be repurposed. You can record and upload the event for on demand viewing, chop key parts up into chunks and release them to the public one by one, create specific blog content, structure social posts and much more. There are lots of ways that your virtual conference can live on, it certainly doesn’t need to be a one-time wonder.

4. Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Position

Virtual conferences have a different look and feel to physical events and your audience will engage with it differently as a result. In the virtual conference world shorter is better and your audience will thank you for it. As the host of a virtual event you may be inclined to cram in long talks and lots of information but it’s unlikely that your audience will stay focused for that amount of time.

Keep the format smart; break guest speaking up, reduce the presentation time, include regular breaks and breakout rooms, and involve the audience where possible. Effective ways to interact with your audience and keep them engaged is to include polls and feedback forms.


Transform Your Virtual Conference with Stage Connections

At Stage Connections, our experienced team can help you to produce a professional and hassle-free streaming solution for your business. We offer guidance through the planning, set-up and live production of your event, helping you to connect with your audience on a new level. Get in touch with our event consultants today or browse our case studies to find out more about virtual event services and experience.

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